The Golden Age Of Light Music: Melodies For The Starlight Hours

Release Date: 1/8/2013
Label: Guild
Catalog Number: GLCD5196
Number of Discs: 1

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Works on This Recording
1. When Day is Done by Robert Katscher
Conductor: Laurie Johnson
Period: Modern
2. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star, song (from "Music in the Air") by Jerome Kern
Conductor: Buddy Bregman
Period: Modern
3. My Fair Lady: I could have danced all night by Frederick Loewe
Conductor: Percy Faith
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1956 ; USA
4. Sweet Surrender Waltz, for orchestra by Hubert Giraud
Conductor: Andre Kostelanetz
Period: Modern
5. Impressions of New York: Manhattan in Satin by Willis Schaefer
Conductor: Cedric Dumont
Period: Modern
6. Flying Down to Rio: Orchids in the Moonlight by Vincent Youmans
Conductor: Robert Farnon
Period: 20th Century
7. In Paris, in Love, for piano & orchestra by Steve Race
Performer: Steve Race (Piano)
Conductor: Steve Race
Period: Modern
8. Thinking Of You by Harry Ruby
Conductor: Johny Clegg
Period: Modern
9. How Beautiful Is the Night by Robert Farnon
Conductor: Leslie Jones
Period: Modern
10. Melody for Lovers, for orchestra by Cecil Milner
Conductor: Georges Deveraux
Period: Modern
11. One touch of Venus: Speak Low by Kurt Weill
Conductor: Morton Gould
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1943 ; New York, USA
12. High Society: Mind if I Make Love to You? by Cole Porter
Conductor: Pete King
Period: Modern
13. A Tender Mood, for violin & strings by Angela Morley
Conductor: Angela Morley
Period: Contemporary
Written: 1950s ;
14. Moon Over Miami by Joe [Composer] Burke
Conductor: Guy Luypaerts
Period: Modern
15. Midnight Tango, for orchestra by Daniel Newman
Conductor: Reg Tilsley
Period: Modern
16. Cocktails by Candlelight, for orchestra by Peter Yorke
Conductor: Peter Yorke
Period: Modern
17. Stranger in Town by Malcolm Lockyer
Conductor: Bruce Campbell
Period: Modern
18. The Apartment: Lonely Room by Adolph Deutsch
Orchestra/Ensemble: Ferrante & Teicher
Period: Modern
19. Amami si Vuoi (Love Me if You Wish), for orchestra by Vittorio Mascheroni
Conductor: George Melachrino
Period: Modern
20. During One Night: Theme by Bill McGuffie
Performer: Harry Pitch (Harmonica)
Conductor: Bill McGuffie
Period: Modern
21. Underneath The Harlem Moon by Harry Revel
Conductor: Werner Muller
22. Night in Trinidad, for orchestra by David Rose
Conductor: David Rose
Period: Modern
23. After Hours Joint by J. Johnson
24. Take My Lips (Meraviglose Labbra), for orchestra by Teo [Composer] Uselli
Conductor: Laurie Johnson
Period: Modern
25. Moonlight Becomes You by James Van Heusen
Conductor: Glenn Osser
Period: Modern
Notes and Editorial Reviews
When work for the day has been completed the Starlight Hours beckon. This is the time to unwind and relax - if you're lucky, in some pleasant company. An evening out may be in order: first an enjoyable meal, followed by some mellow moments simply letting the cares of the day fade away. Should you still have some energy left then why not seek out some late-night entertainment at a night club, or perhaps where some gentle jazz sounds are being carried along in the breeze. The music has been carefully sequenced to covey these impressions to those who simply want to relax at home, turn on the CD player, and let their imagination take over. To help with the illusion there are the fine orchestras of Percy Faith, Robert Farnon, Andre Kostelanetz, Morton Gould, Glenn Osser and David Rose. The many others include talented arrangers such as Laurie Johnson, Conrad Salinger and Angela Morley - all helping to create the perfect mood for your relaxation. - Guild Records
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