Padlewski & Wnuk-Nazarowa: Tearfully / Szostak, Katowice City Singers' Ensemble, Camerata Silesia

Release Date: 5/1/2020
Label: DUX
Catalog Number: DUX7610
Number of Discs: 1

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Notes and Editorial Reviews
Tears, that visible attribute of sadness, can, paradoxically, be a form of purification, a dam against despair. Sadness caused by an individual or collective experience of evil, transformed into a Christian hope for the fate altering, sometimes evokes creative thought, allows to enclose the experience within a form of artistic message. For Christians, the deepest, traumatic, experience of evil is Christ’s crucifixion. Perceived as a drama of the whole humanity, redeemed for future salvation and victory of good, it has found a special form in works of art created throughout centuries: paintings, musical pieces, poetry. Passion and Stabat Mater are canonical musical forms related to the drama of Golgotha. The latter introduces Christ’s co-suffering Mother into the scope of His drama. Numerous composers wrote music to the 13th-century sequence, the authorship of which is attributed to the Franciscan Jacopone da Todi. They were creating their own visions of a mother’s suffering, in which, over time, people began to perceive the drama of all mothers who weep their children. Przez ?zy (Tearfully) – such is the title of an album including pieces which are important not only due to their artistic merits. The content of each work touches upon matters fundamental for every human being, but also for the fate of a nation plagued by defeats, yet unceasingly rising from each one. That struggle often finds company in art and the beauty it contains, which in turn, to quote Norwid, is the shape of love.
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