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Release Date: 8/4/2017
Label: Sterling
Catalog Number: CDS2012
Performer: Liisa Pohjola
Number of Discs: 1

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Works on This Recording
1. Symphony in E-Flat Major: III. Scherzo - Presto by Per August Ölander
Conductor: Harry Damgaard
Orchestra/Ensemble: Västerås Symphony Orchestra
Period: Romantic
2. Vettern by Gustaf Bengtsson
Conductor: Mats Liljefors
Orchestra/Ensemble: Gavle Symphony Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
3. Sovedrikken (The Sleeping Draught): Overture by Christoph Ernst F. Weyse
Conductor: Johan Hye-Knudsen
Orchestra/Ensemble: Royal Danish Orchestra
Period: Romantic
4. Symphony in G minor, Op. 11: III. Adagio by Otto Emanuel Olsson
Conductor: Mats Liljefors
Orchestra/Ensemble: Gavle Symphony Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1901-1902 ; Sweden
5. Symphony no 2 in E minor, Op. 115 "Boecklin Symphony": IV. Finale Bacchanale by Hans Huber
Orchestra/Ensemble: Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra
Period: Romantic
Written: 1900 ; Switzerland
6. Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra in E minor, Op. 9: II. Largo by Ernst Mielck
Performer: Liisa Pohjola (Piano)
Conductor: Hannu Lintu
Orchestra/Ensemble: Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Period: Romantic
7. La sirène: Overture by Daniel-François Auber
Conductor: Tommy Anderson
Orchestra/Ensemble: Gothenburg Opera Orchestra
Period: Romantic
Written: 1844 ; France
8. Ett drömspel, concert suite from the incidental music (arr. by H. Rosenberg) by Wilhelm Stenhammar
Conductor: Arvo Volmer
Orchestra/Ensemble: Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra
Period: Post-Romantic
9. Symphony in D minor, Op. 17: III. Adagio molto by Hermann Suter
Conductor: Adriano
Orchestra/Ensemble: Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
Period: Romantic
10. Suite for Orchestra, Op. 67 "Auf der Wanderschaft" by August Klughardt
Conductor: Willy Steiner
Orchestra/Ensemble: Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock
Period: Romantic
Written: 1896 ; Germany
11. Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 1: III. Balade by Frederic Cliffe
Orchestra/Ensemble: Malmö Opera Orchestra
Period: Romantic
12. Gijsbrecht van Aemstel: Prelude No. 3 by Bernard Zweers
Conductor: Lucas Vis
Period: Romantic
13. Frühlingswogen, Op. 87 by Philipp Scharwenka
Conductor: Mats Liljefors
Orchestra/Ensemble: Gavle Symphony Orchestra
Period: Romantic
14. Suite for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 180: IV. Aria by Joachim Raff
Conductor: Andrea Quinn
Period: Romantic
15. Wilhelm von Oranien in Whitehall: Andante by Friedrich von Flotow
Orchestra/Ensemble: Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra
Period: Romantic
16. Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 43: III. Allegro scherzando by Eyvind Alnaes
Conductor: Terje Mikkelsen
Period: 20th Century
17. Zu einem Drama, Op. 82 by Friedrich Gernsheim
Conductor: Klaus Arp
Period: Romantic
18. Vaegtervise, Op. 31 by Paul Juon
Conductor: Christof Escher
Orchestra/Ensemble: Moscow Philharmonia Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
19. Theme and Variations for Orchestra, Op. 2 by Julián Carrillo
Period: 20th Century
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