Golden Age Of Light Music - The Composer Conducts Vol 1

Release Date: 8/9/2011
Label: Guild
Catalog Number: GLCD5177
Number of Discs: 1

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Notes and Editorial Reviews
Jet Journey (Ron Goodwin) Ron Goodwin and his Concert Orchestra [2:36]
Courses de Toros (Bull Fights (Gérard Calvi) Gérard Calvi and his Orchestra [3:20]
Fun In The Sun (Angela Morley) Telecast Orchestra/Angela Morley as Wally Stott [2:57]
Les Parfums De Paris (Cedric Dumont) New Concert Orchestra/Cedric Demont [2:54]
Parisian Mode (Woolf Phillips) Woolf Phillips and his Concert Orchestra [2:21]
Sagittarius (Hal Mooney) Hal Mooney and his Orchestra [2:11]
The Phantom Regiment (Leroy Anderson) Leroy Anderson and his orchestra [3:09]
City Of Veils (Les Baxter) Les Baxter and his orchestra [4:16]
Puppets On Parade (Rudolf Friml) 101 Strings/Rudolf Friml [3:06]
Subway Polka (Harold Geller) Harry Geller and his orchestra [2:25]
Bad Timing from 'Billion Dollar Baby' (Morton Gould) – Morton Gould, his piano, and his orchestra [3:40]
Along The Avenue (Roger Roger) Roger Roger and his Champs Elysees Orchestra [2:13]
Montana Round-Up (Kermit Leslie & Walter Leslie) Kermit Leslie and his orchestra
Huckleberry Duck (Raymond Scott) Raymond Scott and his orchestra [2:45]
Neiani (Axel Stordahl) Alex Stordahl and his orchestra [3:02]
Pam Pam (David Rose) David Rose and his orchestra [2:58]
La Bardinetta (André Popp) [2:53]
Fiddle Derby (Percy Faith) Percy Faith and his orchestra [2:09]
Without Your Love (Guy Luypaerts) Guy Luypaerts and his orchestra as ‘Guy Lupar’ on LP [2:03]
Fandango (Frank Perkins) Frank Perkins and his ‘Pops’ orchestra [3:03]
Sports Arena (Wilfred Burns) Harmonic Orchestra/Wilfred Burns [2:55]
Trolley Bus (Charles Williams) Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra/Charles Williams [2:58]
Boulevardier (Frederic Curzon) New Concert Orchestra/Frederic Curzon [3:37]
Jack The Dancer (Dolf van der Linden) Dolf van der Linden and his Metropole orchestra [2:40]
Blende Auf (Werner Müller) RIAS Dance Orchestra/Werner Müller [3:01]
Symphony In Jazz; First Movement (Otto Cesana) Otto Cesana and his orchestra [7:04]

An enjoyable selection. Purchase with confidence.

  Composer-conductors are the cocks of the walk in the first volume of Guild’s series-within-a-series. Thus Ron Goodwin gets us off to a flying start with Jet Journey followed briskly by the brash matador evocations summoned up by Gérard Calvi in Courses de Toros. Cedric Dumont encourages his orchestra to pile on acres of luscious romance and he is followed by Woolf Phillips in Parisian Mode in a typically imaginative, here Gallic-inclined, conjunction. Leroy Anderson, meanwhile, evokes a ghostly march in his clever The Phantom Regiment.
For Capitol, Les Baxter unleashes City of Veils, a typically exotic picture postcard opus with glowering lower brass and evocative percussion – bazaar music. Friml’s Puppets on Parade is pertly interpreted by its composer in 1959 whilst Harry Geller is an Australian in New York rolling out Subway Polka with plenty of action, for RCA. Morton Gould ruminates on piano during his contribution with his orchestra, but Kermit Leslie heads for the hills with a yee-haw on his lips as he takes us on a Montana Round-Up – folksy cowboy stuff. You’ll hear from many of the maestri of the genre – the unmistakeable David Rose pizzicatos, for example, announcing his presence on Pam Pam.
There’s a firm march from Wilfred Burns – or Bernard Wilfred Harris, to give his real name – and then two princes of British Light Music; Charles Williams (Isaac Cozerbreit to those who knew him best) and Frederic Curzon, whose own name sufficed. Williams’s Trolley Bus is a delight but the relaxed Curzon charm in Boulevardier is even better. This brace was recorded in 1946 for Chappell and Boosey & Hawkes respectively. A continental and steadfast member of Guild’s restoration programme is ubiquitous Dolf van der Linden and his saucy badinage in Jack the Dancer is pleasurable. Another elite continental practitioner was Werner Müller whose RIAS Dance Band seems to nod in Glenn Miller’s direction.
This is an enjoyable selection with Guild’s boffins doing their best to keep some esoteric tricks up their sleeve; it’s good, for instance, to see labels such as Paxton, Harmonic, Coral and Dot covered. Purchase with confidence.
-- Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International
Works on This Recording
1. Jet Journey, for pops orchestra by Ron Goodwin
Conductor: Ron Goodwin
Period: Modern
2. Courses de Toros (Bull Fights), for pops orchestra by Gérard Calvi
Performer: Gérard Calvi
Conductor: Gérard Calvi
Period: Modern
3. Fun in the Sun, for pops orchestra by Angela Morley
Conductor: Angela Morley
Period: Modern
4. Les parfums de Paris, for pops orchestra by Cedric Dumont
Conductor: Cedric Dumont
Period: Modern
5. Parisian Mode, for orchestra by Woolf Phillips
Conductor: Woolf Phillips
6. Sagittarius, for pops orchestra (from "Musical Horoscope") by Hal Mooney
Performer: Hal Mooney
Conductor: Hal Mooney
Period: Modern
7. Phantom Regiment by Leroy Anderson
Conductor: Leroy Anderson
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1951 ; USA
8. City of Veils, for pops orchestra by Les Baxter
Performer: Les Baxter
Conductor: Les Baxter
Period: Modern
9. Subway Polka, for pops orchestra by Harry Geller
Performer: Harry Geller
Conductor: Harry Geller
Period: Modern
10. Bad Timing (from "Billion Dollar Baby") by Morton Gould
Conductor: Morton Gould
Period: Modern
11. Along the Avenue, for pops orchestra by Roger Roger
Performer: Roger Roger
Conductor: Roger Roger
Period: Modern
12. Montana Round-Up, for pops orchestra by Walter Leslie
Performer: Kermit Leslie
Conductor: Kermit Leslie
Period: Modern
13. Huckleberry Duck by Raymond [Jazz] Scott
Period: Modern
Written: 1930s ;
14. Neiani by Axel Stordahl
Performer: Axel Stordahl
Conductor: Axel Stordahl
Period: Modern
15. Pam Pam, for pops orchestra by David Rose
Performer: David Rose
Conductor: David Rose
Period: Modern
16. La Bardinetta, for pops orchestra by André Popp
Performer: André Popp
Conductor: André Popp
Period: Modern
17. Fiddle Derby by Percy Faith
Performer: Percy Faith
Conductor: Percy Faith
18. Without Your Love, song by Guy Luypaerts
Performer: Guy Luypaerts
Conductor: Guy Luypaerts
Period: Modern
19. Fandango for piano (or voice & piano) by Frank Perkins
Performer: Frank Perkins
Conductor: Frank Perkins
Period: Modern
20. Sports Arena, for pops orchestra by Wilfred Burns
Conductor: Wilfred Burns
Period: Modern
21. Trolley Bus, for pops orchestra by Charles Williams
Conductor: Charles Williams
Period: Modern
22. Boulevardier by Frederic Curzon
Conductor: Frederic Curzon
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1939 ; England
23. Jack the Dancer, for pops orchestra by Dolf van der Linden
Period: Modern
24. Blende auf, for pops orchestra by Werner Muller
Conductor: Werner Muller
Period: Modern
25. Symphony In Jazz First Movement by Otto Cesana
Performer: Otto Cesana
Conductor: Otto Cesana
Period: Modern
26. Puppets on Parade, for pops orchestra by Rudolf Friml
Conductor: Rudolf Friml
Period: Modern
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