Golden Age Of Light Music - A Second A-Z Of Light Music

Release Date: 4/10/2012
Label: Guild
Catalog Number: GLCD5182
Performer: Mitch Miller
Number of Discs: 1

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Notes and Editorial Reviews
Just as two economists usually disagree, it would be difficult to find two music lovers who acknowledge where the exact boundaries of Light Music actually lie. The repertoire covered in this collection would certainly provide food for some serious arguments, but does it really matter? If music is enjoyable, then why do some people get so uptight about labels? At Guild we simply want to offer a varied selection that is pleasing upon a first encounter, and can become increasingly rewarding when it becomes better known, like a good friend. And 'friend' is a good clue to the repertoire covered here, because conductors such as Percy Faith, Sidney Torch, Robert Farnon, Philip Green, David Rose, Dolf van der Linden and Charles Williams are already established Guild favourites. This time they are joined by Stanford Robinson, Bill McGuffie, Jack Hylton, Leslie Jones and other conductors who excel at producing some fine Light Music.
Works on This Recording
1. At the Theatre by Graeme Stuart
Orchestra/Ensemble: Regent Classic Orchestra
2. Bristol Cream by Toni Leutwiler
Conductor: Curt Andersen
Orchestra/Ensemble: Symphonia Orchestra
3. Curtain Time by J. George Johnson
Orchestra/Ensemble: New World Theatre Orchestra
4. Downland by Cecil Milner
Orchestra/Ensemble: L'Orcheste de Concert
5. Edelma by Terig Tucci
Performer: Mitch Miller (Oboe)
Conductor: Percy Faith
Orchestra/Ensemble: Percy Faith Orchestra
6. Fairy Tiptoe by Julian Fredericks
Conductor: Harry Davidson
Orchestra/Ensemble: Harry Davidson Orchestra
7. Gazelle by Montague Ewing
Conductor: Sidney Torch
Orchestra/Ensemble: New Century Orchestra
8. Huckle Buckle by Robert Farnon
Conductor: Leslie Jones
Orchestra/Ensemble: Leslie Jones Orchestra
9. In a Monastery Garden by Albert William Ketèlbey
Orchestra/Ensemble: New Symphony Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1915 ; England
10. Jack O'Lantern by Roger Roger
Conductor: Roger Roger
Orchestra/Ensemble: Champs Elysees Orchestra
11. Kings of Sport by Jack Beaver
Conductor: Robert Farnon
Orchestra/Ensemble: Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
12. Let Us Live for Tonight by Adrian Bernard
Conductor: Reg Leopold
Orchestra/Ensemble: New Concert Orchestra
13. Miss Melanie by Ronald Binge
Conductor: Kurt Rehfeld
Orchestra/Ensemble: Stuttgart Radio Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
Written: circa 1950 ; England
14. No Orchids for My Lady by Jack Strachey
Conductor: Ernest Maxin
Orchestra/Ensemble: Ernest Maxin Orchestra
15. On a Little Street in Singapore by Peter Derose
Conductor: Monty Kelly
Orchestra/Ensemble: Monty Kelly Orchestra
16. Prairie Schooner by Ron Goodwin
Conductor: Cyril Stapleton
Orchestra/Ensemble: Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
17. A Quiet Stroll by Charles Williams
Conductor: Charles Williams
Orchestra/Ensemble: Charles Williams Orchestra
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1951 ; England
18. Romantic Illusion by Mischa Spoliansky
Orchestra/Ensemble: Harmonic Orchestra
19. Stereophonic March by David Rose
Conductor: David Rose
Orchestra/Ensemble: David Rose Orchestra
20. Taxi by Bruce Campbell
Conductor: Robert Farnon
Orchestra/Ensemble: Danish State Radio Orchestra
21. The Unstoppable Man by Bill McGuffie
Conductor: Bill McGuffie
Orchestra/Ensemble: Cine-Musica of London
22. Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume by Rudolf Sieczynski
Conductor: Jack Hylton
Orchestra/Ensemble: Jack Hylton Orchestra
Period: Romantic
23. A Waltz for Terry by Trevor Duncan
Orchestra/Ensemble: New Concert Orchestra
24. Exotica by Philip Green
Conductor: Philip Green
Orchestra/Ensemble: Philip Green Orchestra
25. Young Man's Fancy by Peter Barrington
Conductor: Cedric Dumont
Orchestra/Ensemble: New Concert Orchestra
26. Zip Along by Edward White
Orchestra/Ensemble: Grosvenor Studio Orchestra
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