Ewazen: Orchestral Music & Concertos / Polivnick, Et Al

Release Date: 2/26/2002
Label: Albany
Catalog Number: 477
Composer: Eric Ewazen
Conductor: Paul Polivnick
Number of Discs: 1

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One of the nice things about this job is the ability to go back and discover enjoyable recordings that you might have missed on first release. Here's one. A friend of mine told me I should hear this disc, and he was right. Eric Ewazen's (b. 1954) affable, stylish music will appeal to anyone who enjoys, say, Walter Piston, David Diamond, or the American neo-classical school in general. The Classical Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra has great verve, and it's spectacularly well written for (and played by) soloist James Houlik. The Flute Concerto and the Chamber Symphony (a concerto grosso for piano and orchestra in all but name) also abound in sprightly rhythms and distinctive tunes that never sound facile or cheap. For my money, though, the real prize here is the Ballade for Clarinet, Harp, and Strings, as luscious a pastoral interlude as anything from the celebrated English school of Delius or Vaughan Williams (though it sounds like neither). The music's sheer prettiness is really quite striking, and as with all of the music here it's beautifully played and recorded. So I can only second my friend's advice: give Ewazen's music a shot. You won't be sorry. [6/29/2004]
--David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday.com
Works on This Recording
1. Ballade for Clarinet, Harp and Strings by Eric Ewazen
Performer: Charles Neidich (Clarinet)
Conductor: Paul Polivnick
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1986 ; USA
2. Concerto for Flute by Eric Ewazen
Performer: Marya Martin (Flute)
Conductor: Paul Polivnick
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1988 ; USA
3. Concerto for Saxophone "Classical" by Eric Ewazen
Performer: James Houlik (Tenor Saxophone)
Conductor: Paul Polivnick
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1992 ; USA
4. Chamber Symphony by Eric Ewazen
Performer: Eric Ewazen (Piano)
Conductor: Paul Polivnick
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1985 ; USA
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