Earth Music: Ten Years Of Meridian Music - Composers In Performance

Release Date: 2/23/2010
Label: Innova
Catalog Number: INN751
Number of Discs: 1

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Works on This Recording
1. Steps: [Excerpt] by Vinny Giola
2. Quarter Turn: [Excerpt] by John Bischoff
Performer: John Bischoff, John Bischoff (Electronics)
3. Improvisation: [Excerpt] by Matthew Sperry
Performer: Matthew Sperry
4. Lines for Trio, for cello, contrabass & violin by Damon Smith
5. Pauline's Solo: [Excerpt] by Pauline Oliveros
6. Improvisation, for koto by Shoko Hikage
Performer: Shoko Hikage (Koto), Shoko Hikage
7. Improvisation, for alto sax by Frank Gratkowski
Performer: Frank Gratkowski
8. Improvisation, for flute & bassoon by Sara Schoenbeck
Performer: Sara Schoenbeck (Bassoon), Sara Schoenbeck, Ellen Burr (Flute)
9. Improvisation, for electonics, vocals & recorded sound by Viv Corringham
10. Sonic Coordinates, for baritone sax by Jon Raskin
Period: Contemporary
11. Microtonic meditations for endings and beginnings: Movement 2: Scherzo by Tom Bickley
Performer: Tom Bickley, Tom Bickley (Voice), Bob Marsh (Voice), Tom Bickley (Recorder), Bob Marsh (Accordion)
Period: Contemporary
12. Comp 40 N and Comp. 110 A, for pipa & shakuhachi by Anthony Braxton
Performer: Philip Gelb (Shakuhachi), Anthony Braxton, Jie Ma (Pipa)
Period: Contemporary
13. Nightwatching, for cello & vocals by Theresa Wong
Performer: Theresa Wong, Theresa Wong (Cello), Theresa Wong (Voice)
14. All Chords Stand for Other Chords: [Excerpt] by Ben [Clarinet] Goldberg
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