Cello Sonatas Edition

Release Date: 5/1/2020
Catalog Number: BRI96012
Composer: Various
Number of Discs: 33

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Notes and Editorial Reviews
The earliest cellos emerged in Northern Italy during the 16th century, and this set begins here. It opens in Bologna where the first wire-wound strings were invented and where the pioneers of solo cello repertoire Domenico Gabrielli (1659–90) and his foremost pupil Giuseppe Maria Jacchini (1667–1727) lived and worked.

Continuing our tour of Italy, we pass via Vivaldi in Venice, and Lanzetti in Naples. Throughout history, musicians have toured and joined pan-European ensembles, and Baroque-era Italian cellists introduced audiences across the continent to their new instrument – for example Boccherini, who was born in Lucca, moved abroad, joining the household of the Spanish Infante as resident composer and cellist. He wrote around 40 sonatas, and the selected works in this set are characteristic of his style, imbued with elegance and brilliance. Outside Italy, the role of the cello evolved further, and Beethoven’s contribution to the repertoire broke new ground in establishing the concept of a genuine duo sonata for cello and piano.

During the Romantic era, Felix Mendelssohn (1809–47) wrote numerous works for cello and piano duo. His Op.45 was praised by Schumann and has an interesting cross-historical nature. Much like Beethoven’s cello sonatas, the centre stage is shared by both instruments. The piano part is modern in its virtuosity and relentless pace while the cello part has a Classical nature with balanced phrasing and a refined, cantabile melody line.

Onto more modern works, Alfred Schnittke’s cello sonata is another highlight. Programmatic in nature, the piece sounds as though it should belong to a horror film score, and the opening features an arrhythmic piano bassline set against the frantic and swirling cello melody. Schnittke (1934–98) was initially considered to be the natural heir of Shostakovich, but he goes further than his predecessor and pioneered polystylistic techniques.



A. Scarlatti: Sonaten für Cello & Bc Nr. 1-3
D. Gabrielli: Sonaten für Cello & Bc G-Dur & A-Dur
Jacchini: Sonaten für Cello & Bc op. 1 Nr. 7 & 8; op. 3 Nr. 9 & 10
Vivaldi: Sonaten für Cello & Bc RV 40, 41, 43, 45-47 (op. 14 Nr. 1-6)
Zuccari: Cellosonaten Nr. 1-4, 6, 8
Porpora / Costanzi: Sonaten für Cello, Violine & Bc Nr. 1-6 (Gemeinschaftskomposition von Nicola Antonio Porpora und Giovanni Battista Costanzi)
Platti: Cellosonaten Nr. 1-6
Lanzetti: Sonaten op. 2 Nr. 1-6 für 2 Celli & Bc
Caporale: Sonaten für Cello & Bc Nr. 1-6
Händel: Arien aus Parnasso in festa, Deidamia & Alexander's Feast mit obligatem Cello
Gemininani: Sonaten für Cello & Bc op. 5 Nr. 1-6
Pericoli: Cellosonaten Nr. 1-6
Boccherini: Cellosonaten "Sonate Milanesi" G. 1, 2, 2b, 3, 4, 4b, 5
Beethoven: Cellosonaten Nr. 1-5; Variationen für Cello & Klavier op. 66; WoO 45 & 46
Moscheles: Grande Sonate concertante op. 34
Ries: Cellosonaten op. 20, 21, 125 (op. 125 in zwei Einspielungen)
Hummel: Grande Sonate A-Dur op. 104
Mendelssohn: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2; Variations concertantes op. 17; Lied ohne Worte op. 109; Albumblatt op. 117
Chopin: Cellosonate op. 65
Alkan: Sonate de Concert e-moll op. 47
Schubert: Arpeggione-Sonate D. 821 für Cello & Klavier
Franck: Cellosonate A-Dur
Cilea: Cellosonate D-Dur op. 38
Debussy: Cellosonate Nr. 1
Roslavetz: Cellosonate Nr. 1
Pilati: Cellosonate Nr. 1
Grieg: Cellosonate a-moll op. 36
Poulenc: Cellosonate
Röntgen: Sonate Nr. 5 h-moll op. 56 für Violine, Cello, Klavier
Saint-Saens: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2
Brahms: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2
Martucci: Cellosonate op. 52; 3 Pezzi op. 69; 2 Romanzen op. 72; Allegretto aus "Romanza"
Faure: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2
Kodaly: Sonate op. 8 für Cello solo; Capriccio für Cello solo; Cellosonate op. 4; Sonatine für Cello & Klavier
Pizzetti: Cellosonate F-Dur; 3 Canti für Cello & Klavier
Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Cellosonate op. 50; Figaro-Fantasie (nach Rossini) für Cello & Klavier
Miaskowsky: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2
Rachmaninoff: Cellosonate g-moll op. 19
Tschaikowsky: Andante cantabile aus op. 66 für Cello & Klavier
Glasunow: Serenade espagnole für Cello & Klavier
Strauss: Cellosonate F-Dur op. 6; Romanze F-Dur für Cello & Klavier
Thuille: Cellosonate d-moll op. 22 • Casella: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 5; Notturno für Cello & Klavier; Tarantella für Cello & Klavier
Rubbra: Cellosonate g-moll op. 60
Moeran: Cellosonate a-moll
Britten: Cellosonaten A-Dur & C-Dur op. 60
Kapustin: Cellosonaten Nr. 1 & 2; Elegy op. 96; Nearly Waltz op. 98; Burlesque op. 97


Stefano Veggetti, Francesco Galligioni, Adriano Maria Fazio, Katarzyna Solecka, Jaap ter Linden, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Federico Bracalente, Nicola Procaccini, Luigi Puxeddu, Claudia Lapolla, Timora Rosler, Klara Würtz, Marco Testori, Costantino Mastroprimiano, Gaetano Nasillo, Alessandro Commellato, Luca Fiorentini, Stefania Redaelli, Vittorio Ceccanti, Simone Gragnani, Roberto Trainini, Jacopo di Tonno, Alexander Kerr, Alexander Rudin, Maria Kliegel, Francois-Joel Thiollier, Herre-Jan Stegenga, Philippe Entremont, Luca Magariello, Amedeo Cicchese, Barbara Panzarella, Andrea Favalessa, Raphael Wallfisch, Alexander Ivashkin, Ensemble Cordia, L'Arte dell'Arco, Musica Perduta, Romabarocca Ensemble, Duo Perfetto
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