Emil Telmányi


Born: June 22, 1892 Died: June 13, 1988
Country: Hungary Period: 20th Century
Hungarian violinist noted for his invention of a "Bach bow" which was developed in order to perform sustained chord tones on a violin while playing Bach sonatas and partitas for solo violin. Such a bow was conducive to the more Romantic era style of playing Baroque music.

In addition to Bach, Telmányi was also an enthusiast of the music of the modern Danish composer Carl Nielsen. He recorded Nielsen's violin sonatas and concerto and after settling in Copenhagen he married Nielsen's daughter, Anne Marie from 1918 to 1933. Later in life, Telmányi became most well-known for his 1954 recording of Bach's solo violin sonatas and partitas performed with the Bach (or Vega) bow, which could be adjusted for violinists to play three to four strings of the instrument simultaneously. He died at aged 95 in Denmark.

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