Ina Souez


This Western gal may have become a certified opera success on the sophisticated continent of Europe, establishing herself as one of the leading sopranos at Britain's Glyndebourne Festival during the second half of the 1930s. She had a particular talent for memorization and subsequently was able to learn a new part in less than two months, making her in demand among many different opera houses. Yet her most well-known singing part among the general public consisted of making fun of herself and opera in general as a featured artist with Spike Jones & His City Slickers, including a stint as the singer of the popular number "Glow Worm." She replaced Aileen Carlyle, who like others before her had grown weary of some of the on-stage antics, in this case having flocks of doves shot out of her hat. The most famous of the Souez recordings with Jones is the hilarious operatic satire "Il Barkio" in which she joins forces with the demented vocalist and comic Doc Birdbath. Perhaps the Jones experience was more than her delicate psyche could handle; following her collaboration with the Slickers' crazy stage show she basically retired from performing and pursued a teaching career. She was replaced by Eileen Gallagher. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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