Milos Sádlo


Born: April 13, 1912
Milos Sadlo has had a career as one of the best-known Czech cellists.

As a youngster (named Milos Zatrvrsky), he studied violin and taught himself cello. He apparently did not entertain serious thought about making music has career, since he apprenticed to become a bookbinder.

The leading cello teacher Karol Pravoslav Sadlo heard him play and urged him to adopt a musical career. (Milos later adopted the teacher's surname as his own.) Milos Sadlo made his debut as a cellist at the age of seventeen and first played in Vienna in 1934. His London debut was in 1937.

At that point he realized that he needed more formal training and entered Prague Conservatory in 1938 to study with K. P. Sadlo.

As a chamber player he was a member of the Prague Quartet from 1931 to 1933, The Czech Trio (1940-1956 and again beginning in 1973), the Suk Trio (1957-1960) and the Prague Trio (1966-1973).

He became a teacher at the Prague Academy in 1950. Nevertheless, he later had a course of study from eminent cellist Pablo Casals in 1955. As a musical scholar, he was responsible for re-introducing the forgotten early concertos of two composers known for major cello concertos: the Haydn C Major Concerto and the Dvorák A Major Concerto. He was also entrusted with the world premiere of the Khachaturian Cello Concerto.

Sadlo is known for a full, powerful, and rich tone, and accurate, flawless technique.

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