Winchester Cathedral Choir


Active: 1079
There are at least three choral groups identified collectively as the "Winchester Cathedral Choir." All are based at the Cathedral in Winchester, construction on which was begun in 1079 and serves as the mother church to one of the oldest dioceses in England. Though heavily damaged in the reforms under Henry VII in the late 1530s, over time the Cathedral has been rebuilt. The choirs perform three to four services a day, six days a week. The main choir consists of 22 boys who are boarders at Pilgrim's School. Service until age 13 in the Winchester Cathedral Choir usually leads to a college scholarship elsewhere. An adult choir consisting of 12 professional Lay Clerks supports the chorus of 22 boys. Since 1999, there has been a second, 20-voice choir made up of girls that performs one service a week and they, too, are backed by the adult choir. Although no specific date is applied to the age of the Winchester Cathedral Choir, it is assumed that worship in music has been a part of the Cathedral's services since its inception.

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