A Sei Voci


Active: 1977
The vocal ensemble A Sei Voci is based in the French city of Sablé-sur-Sarthe and was founded in 1977. The name, naturally, is so given as the group uniformly consists of six regular member voices, although other singers and instrumentalists are added as each project they undertake may require. A Sei Voci was founded with the purpose of recovering vocal works from the Baroque and Renaissance periods that were not yet revived or otherwise known to the public.

Early on, A Sei Voci established itself as a force to be reckoned with through a series of concerts, held mainly in continental Europe, in which the "visual" show proved of equal interest to that given in the music. A Sei Voci also became known through a number of outstanding recordings made for the French company Erato, where the group was often identified as "Ensemble a sei voci." In 1991, A Sei Voci was reorganized with original member Bernard Fabré-Garrus named as leader, and at that time the shortened form of the name became permanent. Under Fabré-Garrus' leadership, the group flourished and soon found itself in a position to negotiate a new recording contract with Auvidis Astrée. Thankfully, this arrangement managed to survive Astrée's absorption by the French media giant Naïve.

A Sei Voci has recorded works by Gesualdo, Josquin Desprez, Charles d'Helfer, Janequin, Monteverdi, Jommelli, and many others, and its trophy case is filled with multiple awards and citations of distinction, including the Choc de Musique, Diapason d'Or, and the Grand Prix du Disque of the Académie de Charles Cros, to name just a few. A Sei Voci is no longer just limited to Renaissance and Baroque literature, but is now known for its performances in works of Mahler and Brahms. Since the beginning of Fabré-Garrus' directorship, A Sei Voci has likewise reached out to contemporary composers as well and has given premieres of new works by composers such as Thierry Escaich and Jean-François Zygel.

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