Helmut Winschermann


Born: 1920
Country: Germany
Conductor Helmut Winschermann is a prominent figure in the old-school style of Baroque playing that lasted into the late twentieth century, with an emphasis on dignity and sweetness of tone, carefully balanced across the orchestra. Long a professor at the Detmold College of Music, Winschermann is most closely associated with the German Bach Soloists (Deutsche Bachsolisten), a chamber orchestra he founded in 1960 and directed for decades. In 1996 Winschermann was made an honorary member of the London Royal Academy.Winschermann's group was widely recorded by major European labels in the 1960s and 1970s, but changes in performing tastes, which came to favor leaner, faster, more aggressive playing, have relegated most of Winschermann's work to super-budget labels.

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