Ramón Sender



Born: October 29, 1934
Electronic and experimental composer Ramon Sender co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center with Morton Subotnick in 1961. He studied under George Copeland, Elliott Carter, and Robert Erickson in California colleges including Mills College (M.A., 1965). In the S.F. Tape Music Center's early days, Sender, Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Tony Martin, and Terry Riley were the core composers. In the late '60s, Sender also became a part of Lou Gottlieb's Morning Star/Wheeler (Ahimsa) Ranch communes, and in the '90s, became involved in the Peregrine Foundation, which helps people "living in or exiting from experimental social groups." His works include "Desert Ambulance" (1964) for accordion, tape, slides, and film, and "Audition for Three Small Harps in Mode 28" (1981). Sender is a performer in some of his compositions, playing, among other instruments, the dilruba harp.