Kosaku Yamada


Born: June 9, 1886 Died: December 29, 1965
Country: Japan Period: 20th Century
Kosaku Yamada, born of a samurai family, began a serious study of music as a teenager at the Tokyo School of Music. Later studies took him to Berlin where from 1910 to 1913, he was a pupil of Max Bruch. He later led the Symphony Society of Japan, the first professional orchestra in Japan which later became the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

Kosaku Yamada wrote a great deal of music though some scores were destroyed during the war. His postwar career continued the creation of symphonic works and songs including "Nursery rhymes" and "School Songs". Yamada's song "Red Dragonfly" became very popular. His short, early tone poem, "Madara no hana" (1913) is colorfully scored and graced with subtle expression, and his Symphony, subtitled "Victory and Peace" is Japan's first symphony. Kosaku Yamada also composed an opera titled "The Black Ships" which enjoyed popularity in Japan.

Kosaku Yamada is not related to another Japanese composer and conductor, Kazuo Yamada.
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