Horacio Salgán


Born: 1916
Talented Latin American musician Horacio Salgán began taking piano classes at a very young age, later studying music in a Buenos Aires conservatory, playing professionally when he joined a local radio station called El Mundo. In 1957, he started playing along with guitarist Ubaldo De Lío and recorded A Buenos Aires De Las Tres De La Mañana. Salgán formed Quinteto Real in 1960 with Enrique Mario Francini, Rafael Ferro, and bandoneonist Pedro Laurenz, and they debuted with a self-titled record. In 1969, Horacio Salgán teamed up with pianist/composer Dante Amicarelli, recording Salgán-Amicarelli Dos Virtuosos Del Piano in 1970 and El Bósque Mágico in 1971. He joined a musical called Tango Argentino in 1983, and toured Argentina, Europe, and the U.S.

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