Thomas Robinson


Born: circa 1560 Died: circa 1610
Robinson was considered to be a fine lutenist and instructor having taught Anne, the future Queen of England and wife of James I. The legacy he left is primarily contained in the book "The Schoole of Musicke" which addressed lute technique in London, the first such instruction written by an Englishman. Other works were translated into English but Robinson's may very well be the first of Anglo origin. Robinson addressed right hand methods particularly regarding the use of the thumb. He promoted the idea of plucking the lower courses with the thumb, not the thumb and index finger. Instructions and directions also indicated the use of the third finger for single note passages in the upper register. "The Schoole of Musicke" also broached the topics of ornamentation, playing the viol and singing. Compositions by Robinson were characteristically bright, clear and galant.

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