Giovanni Benedetto Platti


Born: July 9, 1697 Died: January 11, 1763
Giovanni Benedetto Platti was trained in Venice, suggesting that he was a native of that city, but some authorities say he was from Bergamo. Between the ages of 20 and 22, he went to Germany (then a popular destination for young Italian musicians looking for jobs). He did obtain work in W├╝rzburg with the bishop's court and stayed in that job until 1763, aside from a brief period after 1725 when all the court musicians were dismissed in an economy move. He was a singing teacher and a virtuoso oboist, violinist, and harpsichordist, fluent on cello and a good enough singer that he could depute as tenor when needed. In 1723, he married Theresia Langpr├╝ckner, a soprano, in Mainz. They had two sons.

Platti began composing in a Baroque style and later made a transition to the newer galant style and the earlier Classical style. As time went on, his music became more German and less Italian. It has a strong sense of rhythmic life; good use of counterpoint (especially in the more Baroque early pieces); a full command of harmonic devices that leads to considerable variety in harmonic color; interesting syncopations; and good, often florid, melodies. On the other hand, he was often satisfied by the results of hasty work and these works tend to have trite, overworked sequential patterns.

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