Francis Jackson


Born: October 2, 1917
Country: England Period: 20th Century
Francis Jackson is a well known figure among organists worldwide. He was born in Malton, Yorkshire and his earliest musical education was as a Chorister at York Minster under the guidance of Sir Edward Bairstow. An Organist as well as a composer serving at York Minster from 1946 until his retirement in 1982, Francis Jackson was organist for the wedding of Elizabeth II's cousin Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Katherine Worsley in June of 1961. There he performed Widor's Toccata which set a precedence for the use of this piece for weddings. In addition to many recitals and concerts internationally, Mr. Jackson has made numerous solo pipe organ recordings, including his own compositions. His list of works also include splendid choral music composed for the York Minster Choir.
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