François Boieldieu


Born: December 16, 1775 Died: October 8, 1834
Country: France Period: Classical
This French composer was well known for his operas, several of which occasionally appear today in European repertoire. His music combined the elegance and harmonic language of the Viennese Classical Period with the Parisian Opéra-Comique style. In his vocal and instrumental works, Boieldieu’s melodic lines avoided the ornamentation of earlier French music and employed appealing, colorful orchestration. Hector Berlioz described Boieldieu’s music as being endowed with "a pleasing and tasteful Parisian elegance." Boieldieu is remembered today for his opera masterpiece “La dame blanche” after the Scottish novelist, Walter Scott and a beautiful Harp Concerto with a haunting rondo last movement.
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