Arno Babadjanyan


Born: January 22, 1921 Died: November 11, 1983
Babadjanyan studied at the Erevan Conservatory, the Moscow Conservatory, and at the House of Armenian Culture in Moscow under Litinsky. A brilliant pianist, he was named a People's Artist of the U.S.S.R. in 1971. His compositions are influenced by Khachaturian and Rachmaninov and are in a virtuoso style with expressive leading parts. His later works contain chromaticism similar to that of Prokofiev, Bartókian rhythms and dodecaphony as in the work of Schoenberg. His variation technique is rooted in folk ornamentation and his irregular rhythms spring from peasant music. Fine examples of his work are his Violin Sonata, the Cello Concerto, and Shest' kartin, for piano.
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