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It was a time in history when knights and successful traders became gentlemen; when mercers dealt in silks, satins, and velvets; and when an instrument called the “virginal” was an essential acquisition for expressing the flowering charms and refinements of the gentlewomen in society.

But while many composers of the period provided popular tunes and simple dances for the ladies to play, the "vexatious" Elizabethan composer John Bull offered up experimental, challenging works – the first virtuoso works written for the keyboard.

And with his debut release on the Steinway & Sons label, Alan Feinberg brings this music to the modern concert grand piano for the first time.

The Flatterer - Piano Music of Cecile Chaminade / Joanne Polk
An irresistible collection of Cécile Chaminade’s piano works,
celebrating an underrated composer whose music deserves a wide audience.

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"Feinberg translates the exquisite chromatic ruminations and intricate counterpoint of Bull's keyboard works, and some contemporaries, into the lush sound world of the modern piano.... It is a mark of Mr. Feinberg's skill that playfulness, along with grace and exuberance, characterize his performances of these 400-year-old miniatures even though their technical demands are of a sort rarely encountered until the 20th century." – The New York Times

This latest release from Steinway is on sale now along with the complete Steinway catalog.

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