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 Top Notch Performances October 10, 2012
By M. Bishop (Clackamas, OR) -- See All My Reviews
Murray Perahia out performs himself on the piano in these recordings. The listener encounters Mozart's art of conception in the musical score and Perahia's art of excellent interpretation in each of the piano concertos. The music fluently moves from single fingered passages to an explosion of musical tapestry, all in perfect synchonization with the ECO. The nimble-fingered impressions are lasting, and I consider Perahia's deftly turned musical phasings to be both artful and elegant. This is an excellent purchase, revealing top-notch performances by both Perahia and the ECO. Report Abuse

 Very positive October 1, 2012
By Theodore Lewis (Germantown, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I was delighted by this recording. Perahia plays Mozart the way I like to hear him Report Abuse

 Amazing Bargain October 1, 2012
By Allan Yee (Edmonton, AB) -- See All My Reviews
The Perahia cycle of the Mozart piano concertos has always been my touchstone set of this repetoire. I started collecting them on LP decades ago and then switched over to the individual CD releases when they came out on that format. While I may prefer others (Kovacevich, Curzon, Haskil, etc.) in certain concertos, this is, for my money, the best overall set available from a single pianist. The only downside to the box is the lack of documentation, but for the price, who can really complain? Report Abuse

 Lyrical clarity September 15, 2012
By Claudette L. (Hampstead, NH) -- See All My Reviews
Beautiful and exciting recording of the Concerti. Glad to finally have a complete enjoyable set. Cadenzas are beautifully done. Phrasings are melodic throughout. Exciting in the faster movements! I own a Bose audio system, and it is wonderful to hear all the nuances in Perahia's performance. Report Abuse

 One of the best September 11, 2012
By Simon H. Rook (Saltspring Island, BC) -- See All My Reviews
I have always been on the lookout for one of the really great performances of the Mozart Piano Concertos: Uchida, Baremboim, Perahia. When this one came up on sale I grabbed it and have not regretted it. As always Perahia's playing is immaculate but still full of emotion. He seems to understand the underlaying message of each movement of each concerto. The balance of piano and orchestra is very good and one can clearly hear all the instrumentation. If you haven't got this, you won't regret buying it. Report Abuse

 Beautifully played Mozart at an amazing price September 9, 2012
By L. Majors (Bartlesville, OK) -- See All My Reviews
These performances of the Mozart Piano Concertos are truly outstanding; and even though some of these recordings are 30+ years old the quality of the recordings are first rate. A truly outstanding value for any lover of the Mozart Piano Concertos. Report Abuse

 Amazing Deal For Wonderful Music September 5, 2012
By RONALD  DAVIES (Takoma Park, MD) -- See All My Reviews
Murray Perahia playing Mozart? 12 CD’s for $32? I couldn’t believe it. All his wonderful sensitivity and flair for the music in all its glory. And for me an introduction to many of the early concerti you rarely hear, as well as definitive readings of many of the familiar works. If you love Mozart piano concerti this is a true treasure--and an absolutely incredible deal. Report Abuse

 A Fantastic Collection. September 4, 2012
By m. jefferson (Birmingham, AL) -- See All My Reviews
I purchased this complete box set of W.A. Mozart's Piano Concerti almost a month ago and it is truly a fantastic collection, with Murray Perahia and the English Chamber Orchestra. This set originates from the 1980's, and a few were recorded at the Aldebrough Music Festival back in June, 1988, at Snape Malting's Auditorium. The sound is very good; excellent, in fact, but do let me point out that as of this review, I have been able to listen to only the first ten concertoes. Regardless, I would very strongly recommend this set to anyone who loves piano music, and especially one who is searching for a complete collection of Herr Mozart's piano concertoes. It is a very good collection, indeed. Report Abuse

 Murray Perahia Owns Mozart September 4, 2012
By Victor Crick (Ladysmith, BC) -- See All My Reviews
I gave this recording five stars even though there are one or two slight hesitations in the sound on some discs. This did not sully my pleasure, however. The sound was luminous and, of course, the music was flawlessly performed by Mr. Perahia. This was an outstanding performance and an excellent purchase. Report Abuse

 Miraculous August 7, 2012
By Richard Cotter C. (Blairgowrie, Victoria) -- See All My Reviews
This is an astonishing bargain, wonderously played by Perahia and finely-supported by the ECO. The Mozart concertos are well represented in the catalogue and the Brendel set with Marriner and the ASMF is also superb, with the soloist a little more deliberate and the orchestra a little more distinctive than is the ECO. An old recording of No 24 with Solomon as soloist with Menges and the Philharmonia remains a personal favourite. Report Abuse

 Cream of the Crop!! August 4, 2012
By W. Brown (Centerburg, OH) -- See All My Reviews
Murray Perahia's Mozart cycle is a must for every seroius Classical music collector. Recorded in the early 70's and 80's, the sound is superb. Perahia really knows his Mozart- perhaps even better than some of his more recent contemporaries. Grab this one and enjoy!! Report Abuse

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