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 Delicious September 29, 2016
By Barbara S. (Dobbs Ferry, NY) -- See All My Reviews
This is a marvelous performance of exquisite music which is not often heard today. The range of styles and moods expressed in these compositions by John Bull and the others from this period s impressive, as well as how musically innovative they were. Feinberg's performance is flawless. Report Abuse

 Basically Bull December 31, 2014
By James C S. (Truckee, CA) -- See All My Reviews
The music and the performance is exceptional. A listening joy - my favorite is "Bull's Goodnight". Report Abuse

 Timeless January 15, 2014
By Kathleen Sagmiller S. (Poulsbo, WA) -- See All My Reviews
Consistent quality piano performance. Recommend this for any occasion when a pleasant background of melodic sound is desired. Report Abuse

 Basically brilliant! July 27, 2013
By S. Murnaghan (Ardmore, PA) -- See All My Reviews
A spirited, masterful, and deeply sympathetic tribute to some great neglected composers. Report Abuse

 Basically great July 26, 2013
By Leonid K. (San Jose, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Although piano adaptations for JB's works may seem inadequate, a "modern ear" is more than happy to listen to them. It is an oustanding and deeply touching music and a great interpretation. I can only guess who of the three greats (JSB, Handel and Scarlatti) was more influenced by John Bull. Report Abuse

 Good July 23, 2013
By Hoang Long Bui Ng Huu (Portland, OR) -- See All My Reviews
Good Report Abuse

 I wish I could award ten stars instead of only fi July 23, 2013
By T. Neilsen-Steinhardt (Brookline, NH) -- See All My Reviews
Alan Feinberg is an immense musical intelligence. He has collaborated with living composers to bring little known regional music to the recital stage, he has consistently brought his virtuosity to the recital in regional festivals, and he always pleases with his choices In bringing the music of the baroque virginals composer John Bull to the piano, he has adapted music of immense technical complexity. As he says, there are occasionally eight fingers involved in the production of one tone. We are fortunate that all of those fingers belong to one of my favorite pianists. This is a satisfying compilation of Bull's compositions and those of his contemporaries. You cannot go wrong is adding this disc to your collection. Report Abuse

 Facinating music beautifully played, but... July 23, 2013
By R. Aylward (Sun City West, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Facinating music beautifully played, but as is always the case music from this era doesn't fare well when played in equal temperament. I would love to hear the same performances on a properly tuned instrument... I bet it would be wonderful. Report Abuse

 Exqusite July 22, 2013
By Jenaire N Lewandowski (Wellesley, MA) -- See All My Reviews
I can't get to the music before hearing the high level of refinement in the technical skills of Alan Feinberg. He is exceptionally talented, a gift to piano. The music he chose suits his skills well. I do love the music which is new for me, a long time student of piano. The music is soothing, peaceful and full of color with a richness of the past, very meditative. Extremely happy with this purchase. Report Abuse

 My favorite July 6, 2013
By Donn F. -- See All My Reviews
This is now my favorite for Sunday morning with coffee. Feinberg has opened me to a period of music I could not appreciate. What beauty he has created! Report Abuse

 Fresh Bull July 3, 2013
By Bob Lagaaij (Middelburg, Netherlands) -- See All My Reviews
Again and again I am listening to this cd. What a suprising, completely new interpretation of John Bull. It's not the grand piano, it's the grand piano + the genius of Alan Feinberg. Report Abuse

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