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 Very good vocally, average orchestrally January 23, 2013
By Troy K. (Oro Valley, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
I enjoyed most of the vocal work in this Don Giovanni quite a bit. DiDonato and Pisaroni are superb and I thought Villazon was very good as well (which somewhat surprised me because I would not think he was a good fit for Don Ottavio). The rest of the cast sings well without a weak performance. I was less happy with the conducting and orchestral contribution. There seemed to be a lack of energy and the orchestra sound is more recessed than I prefer. Nezet-Seguin was not a conductor I was familiar with before hearing this recording. I cannot say his work here is anything other than average. I also really hate the booklet essay. Instead of discussing the composer, the opera or its history, it goes on and on about the brillance of the conductor, the cast members and the orchestra. The booklet is simply promotional material of the worse kind and DG should be embarrassed to have printed this. Another minor complaint: how about identifying if the opera follows the Vienna or Prague version on the outside of the box? (It is a combination of both) My favorite Don Giovanni is John Eliot Gardiner's version, with Rene Jacobs being a close second. This does not challenge those favorites of mine. Report Abuse

 Now Showing: 3 Stars Only  |  See User Reviews by:  
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