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 The New York-London Connection December 19, 2016
By owen  ryan (lakewood, CA) -- See All My Reviews
When it comes to collections of the London Haydn Symphonies by Solti and Bernstein, it is like comparing the two sides of a coin: the same thing but different, yet of the same value. Bernstein's performances were recorded between 1958 and 1975. The age of some of these recordings are apparent here and there but overall the remasterings sound pretty good. What this set excels in is the performances themselves. This is Bernstein at his best. As much as I like the Solti set I think this set is slightly better performed but I could be wrong...let the experts argue this point. You will be pleased with either Solti or Bernstein, depending on your values. At the low price of this Sony box it is a great bargain. Report Abuse

 Warmth, wit, nobility July 24, 2015
By I. Duncan (Berkeley, CA) -- See All My Reviews
These recordings are quite wonderful: all the nobility, warmth, and wit anyone could want in these symphonies. They can stand beside the other great versions among big-band recordings (Szell, Moldike, Jochum) and are worth having even if you have those. Report Abuse

 Almost, but not, the best. July 26, 2014
By K. BAKER (HEBER CITY, UT) -- See All My Reviews
The only thing wrong with these performances is that the conductor is not Mogens Waldeke (Vanguard, out of print. Too bad.). Report Abuse

 Must have Haydn March 17, 2014
By J. Tatnall (West Grove, PA) -- See All My Reviews
I can only echo the above reviews. This is a must have set, a joy from start to finish. Balanced interpretations and playing all the way through, the music sparkles, dances, surprises, and sings. I have other favorite "Drumrolls","Surprises", "Militaries" by several conductors, but Bernstein gets Haydn right across the board. There is not a weak link. Don't pass up this set. Report Abuse

 Wonderful Set February 27, 2014
By Russell S. (Wauwatosa, WI) -- See All My Reviews
Well worth getting even if you have other versions of the these works. Bernstein makes these Symphonies come alive. A good value for some truly wonderful music. Report Abuse

 Haydn that sounds alive November 20, 2013
By Peter K. (Fort Collins, CO) -- See All My Reviews
Bernstein brings joy and dynamism to these performances and shows the Haydn that must have electrified his audiences when these symphonies were new. The NYP plays with amazing delicacy and vividness despite the full orchestral sound. These performances are alive and muscular, a joy to listen to. Highly recommended. Report Abuse

 The Best! March 26, 2013
By Ralph Miller (Vallejo, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Nobody beats Lennie conducting Haydn. This is a rare bargain. I like his versions with the NYP even better than later ones with other orchestras, and the sound is crisp and clear. Fast tempos (yea!) and sharply delineated voices, exuberance and wit throughout; there is nothing not to like about these, and they would be worth several times the cost to me. Report Abuse

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