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 This is Bach for people with no musical education January 9, 2017
By M. Hutton (Woodbury, TN) -- See All My Reviews
At one time I had this complete set, but somehow or other three of the disks went missing. Really happy to have them all again, and Andras Schiff is in my opinion the most sensitive interpreter of Bach's keyboard works. Listing (how many times?) to that one forlorn disk that remained when the others walked, I realized how contemporary Bach's playing occasionally is. Not necessarily a compliment, just a fact. Report Abuse

 A Perfect Gift April 2, 2013
By Karen W. (Cliff, NM) -- See All My Reviews
After hearing Andras Schiff interviewed by Fred Child on APR, I knew that his recording of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier would be the perfect gift for a painter in my family, who plays the piano in his studio to amplify his work--primarily about color and light--and it was. He listens to it every day, just as Schiff, as a teenager, learned to exercise with Bach instead of scales, melding beauty and discipline in his daily practice--a kind of musical floss for one's internal hygiene, as Andras said, 'Because it is so pure.' Report Abuse

 Better the Second Time Around? March 31, 2013
By Anthony B. (Atlanta, GA) -- See All My Reviews
In this case yes. Schiff I and II are anodynes. His first recording of WTC I and II were very good but a bit too sedate. They needed more zest. His second is filled with far more spirit and far more light. It is one of the very best recorded sets I've ever heard. If you care about this music you need to buy this set. It's a real endorphin pump. Report Abuse

 Baroque with modern edge January 25, 2013
By D. Eckersley (Long Beach, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Bach, one of my most listened to composers, is awarded with Andras Schiff's artistry of baroque perfection with a modern edge - a faster tempo in some preludes and fugues and a concentration of baroque style with feeling. This is a wonderful recording of the complete Well-Tempered Clavier. Report Abuse

 SHEER BEAUTY January 4, 2013
By JUDITH B. (Somerville, MA) -- See All My Reviews
Schiff brings his clear and beautiful playing to Bach's marvelous works of instruction for his sons. These recordings are pure pleasure. Report Abuse

 Sweet January 1, 2013
By John Rathbun (Mills River, NC) -- See All My Reviews
These potentially dry, pedantic works are lovingly rendered by Schiff, who has made them a sort of life study. He claims not to use the sustain pedal except in one case. If so, he has 20 fingers and keeps them busy sustaining various notes so the music has a ring and makes its own harmonies. Much more accessible and fun than other versions I've heard. Report Abuse

 Wonderful December 5, 2012
By Elaine Miller (Great Neck, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Just sit back and listen and you will be carried away. Beautiful, clear and precise. Report Abuse

 Excellent Excellent November 28, 2012
By Frederick (Ted) Hecht, MD (Scottsdale, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
After listening to Schiff play the Well-Tempered Clavier in this recording (twice), I can only say (twice) excellent, excellent. Report Abuse

 Stunning Schiff November 21, 2012
By Bevan Davies (Kennebunk, ME) -- See All My Reviews
This new recording by András Schiff is a stunning achievement. Mr. Schiff plays with a silken touch and complete understanding of the music. ECM's remarkable sound is an absolute marvel. Report Abuse

 Music Well-Played November 4, 2012
By M. Bishop (Clackamas, OR) -- See All My Reviews
In Book I there were one or two tracks that sounded familiar. In a most profound yet distinctive manner Mr. Schiff performed the musical score excellently. The sound presented rich textures within point and counterpoint variations. All said, Mr. Schiff presents a brilliant reading of the music, and I would recommend this music to anyone wanting a straitforward rendering of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Report Abuse

 Beautiful recording October 24, 2012
By H. Glasgow (Manassas, VA) -- See All My Reviews
While I don't believe my ear is refined enough to judge the technical quality of a sound recording, I do feel confident to determine that Schiff is a master of the the music of JS Bach. There are many recordings of the Well-Tempered Clavier, but not many as good as this. Gould mastered the Goldberg Variations; Schiff has done the same with the WT Clavier Report Abuse

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