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 Listening to this is like opening up an old jewel November 7, 2012
By S. Martorella (East Greenwich, RI) -- See All My Reviews
Joseph Canteloube is a little known composer who studied with the post-Impressionistic Vincent d'Indy, also little known. Yet he devoted his life work to the study of French folk-song, and in particular that of his native Auvergne. This his most famous work occupied the last thirty years of his life, and the results are pleasing to the ear and to the mind. Like stepping back in time, some of the songs evoke ancient sounds and images from rustic villages, with singing and dancing and humor. Others are poignantly tender. Canteloube's orchestrations are lush and evocative and serve as a perfect accompaniment to the songs themselves. As a whole, the collection is wonderful doorway into the world of post-impressionism with its rural charm, daring experimentation, and just a hint of Debussy, but without the Parisian cosmopolitanism, ecclesiastical modality, and sense of classical antiquity that marked the more familiar music of the Impressionists. Netania Devrath was born around the time these pieces were written and had a voice that was ideal for the transmission of lieder and folk-song, that is light, clear and articulate with a sensitivity to language and nuance. These early recordings from the 60's are unsurpassed for their simplicity, beauty, clarity, "esprit de temps" and stylistic integrity. The listener is afforded a chance to step back in time to a another world so close to ours yet gone forever. If you like art-song and world folk music, then this album is like opening a jewel box and discovering new treasures from a distant past. My highest recommendation for the songs, the performance and the formidable job of remastering of the old recordings. Report Abuse

 An Historic disc November 3, 2012
By jerry hirshberg (del mar, CA) -- See All My Reviews
A truly magnificent recording on all dimensions. Davrath's voice conveys a purity and appropriately unforced sweetness not only in its sound, but in the very nature of the singer herself! This level of purity simply cannot be faked, and it it becomes one with the nature of the music itself. It is mesmerizing. I had not heard of the conductor, De La Roche, or orchestra before, which is maddeningly referred to as, "Orchestra"! Whoever they are, they deserve great recognition for wrapping themselves around every nuance of this delicate score, allowing inner voices I have not heard emerging from other excellent performances. This does not sound like a studio run-through. And finally, this once-in-a-lifetime performance is preserved in stunningly natural, open, transparent sound, so right for the music. It simply takes me there, someplace I want to be. Bravo. Report Abuse

 At Last. October 16, 2012
By A. Smith (Dunedin, Otago) -- See All My Reviews
At last somebody released this lovely old recording onto CD. I have been waiting for this for over 20 years. Netania Davrath's version was always the definitive version of these lovely songs collected by Cantaloube. Pity that the original cover was not retained, but maybe Vanguard did not retain it??? Great release ARKIV Report Abuse

 Delightful Interpretation May 12, 2012
By D. Dunbar (Melbourne, Victoria) -- See All My Reviews
The only reason I don't give this performance five stars is because perfection is so hard to achieve.
This is indeed a most enjoyable performance of these songs.
As other reviewers have indicated, Davrath and the orchestra create an impression of rustic simplicity.
The singing is pure and has an enchanting naivety and heartfelt sincerity. The singer genuinely sounds like a young shepherdess rather than a beefy operatic diva.
The orchestra, particularly the woodwinds, have an authentic reedy quality which conjures up images of shepherds playing their hand-made instruments.
Compared with other recordings with which I am familiar ( Victoria de Los Angeles, Gill Gomez) this is a less luscious interpretation of the songs. If you prefer to simply wallow in overall gorgeous sound then these may be the recordings you prefer.
One minor personal criticism is that I would prefer a little more contrast in tempi between some of the songs. Perhaps I am just used to some being sung faster.
It is also a pity that there is not more information about the orchestra and that words and translations are not included.
Nevertheless, these are very minor gripes and I can thoroughly recommend this CD.
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 Gorgeous Singing, Beautiful Accompaniment  May 12, 2012
By Burton N  Raffel (Lafayette, LA) -- See All My Reviews
This new cd is far superior to the old LP, which was quite lovely. And this performance of old, old folk melodies and wonderfully modern orchestral accompaniment, can be listened to without a moment of boredom. Folk music thus presented belongs to no one place or one particular time.
Indeed, so effectively offered music cannot be given any acceptably limited place, as well as any time. For me, at least, the proof was that my wife, who tolerates most of what I listen to, dislikes some, is bored by others, could not wait to put the entire cd on her Apple machinery, so she would be able to hear it anywhere she went, or when she was driving, or if she wanted to hear more, and then more again.
Case closed. Plaintiff wins.
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 Buy This CD! May 11, 2012
By Robert W. (Saint Joseph, MO) -- See All My Reviews
I owned this in its original mono release and loved it. This CD brings back all the magic that originally enthralled me. Canteloube's orchestrations are wonderfully light and breathtakingly beautiful. Davrath's approach to this folk music is perfect. Though she also sang opera, she does not approach this music in an operatic manner. Instead she could be mistaken for an Auvergne girl -- though one with an extraordinarily beautiful voice -- going about her chores while singing tunes her mother taught her. My only quibble is that a few of these songs are enough for one listening session, but no matter which tracks you play I guarantee they will be exquisite. Report Abuse

 Great May 11, 2012
By Vincent Titone (Massapequa Park, NY) -- See All My Reviews
I feel so fortunate to finally have this recording. The performance is magical; and I wished to listen to it after so many years since its' initial release! Report Abuse

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