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 Lehar writes the best waltzes September 17, 2012
By Graham N. (PORTLAND, OR) -- See All My Reviews
Not knowing any music by Lehar other than the Merry Widow, I have to say I find these waltzes quite wonderful. Forget fugues and the like - the highest form of musical thought has to be the Viennese waltz. The serious Strauss certainly seemed to believe this too, though how much of a reference that is depends on whether you consider Das Tanzlied from Also Sprach Zarathustra an inspiration or an abomination. The disk comprises a set of musical arrangements taken from a number of Lehar's operas, jettisoning anything that does not resemble a waltz. Towards the end of the disk, I did wonder whether this was altogether a good idea, but one cannot deny the variety and sheer tunefulness of the music here. If you like waltzes, highly recommended. If not, give this a miss unless you like holding sophisticated evenings and are looking for some really excellent background music. Report Abuse

 Now Showing: 3 Stars Only  |  See User Reviews by:  
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