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 EMI classics April 11, 2013
By Suzanne L. (Gaithersburg, MD) -- See All My Reviews
Lehar Waltzes enjoying very much. Bought several EMI classics together on sale. Enjoying them all......Mozart, Chopin, etc. Report Abuse

 Excellent Performances and Sound October 16, 2012
By E. Fisch (Granada Hills, CA) -- See All My Reviews
If you like Lehar you should have this. Boskovsky knows just the right touch, the perormances are excellent, and the sound is great. Report Abuse

 Lehars & Romance September 19, 2012
By J. DOKSANSKY (FREMONT, NE) -- See All My Reviews
It is difficult to find a collection of one composer who embodies the romantic era as expressed by the waltz. The Straus family being the exception. One can "feel" the romance of his compositions. This recording with the full bodied orchestra makes it possible. Lehar lets you feel the free movement of the rythmes. Willi Boskovsky lets you feel the enjoyment of the melodies. Report Abuse

 Exquisite Elegance September 18, 2012
By Stephan Vitas (Silver Spring, MD) -- See All My Reviews
A most beautiful rendition of an era of dreams, conducted by the ultimate master of elegance. Report Abuse

 Lehar writes the best waltzes September 17, 2012
By Graham N. (PORTLAND, OR) -- See All My Reviews
Not knowing any music by Lehar other than the Merry Widow, I have to say I find these waltzes quite wonderful. Forget fugues and the like - the highest form of musical thought has to be the Viennese waltz. The serious Strauss certainly seemed to believe this too, though how much of a reference that is depends on whether you consider Das Tanzlied from Also Sprach Zarathustra an inspiration or an abomination. The disk comprises a set of musical arrangements taken from a number of Lehar's operas, jettisoning anything that does not resemble a waltz. Towards the end of the disk, I did wonder whether this was altogether a good idea, but one cannot deny the variety and sheer tunefulness of the music here. If you like waltzes, highly recommended. If not, give this a miss unless you like holding sophisticated evenings and are looking for some really excellent background music. Report Abuse

 An Outstanding Recording!! August 27, 2012
By W. Brown (Centerburg, OH) -- See All My Reviews
This is simply outstanding. The playing is well polished, and suited to the music. What sets this version out among others is the recorded sound. The sound engineers did an outstanding job recording the works. This is an essential cd to add to your collection, and the bargain price alone makes this cd the top pick for the works. But this cd and get lost in the beautiful world of Vienna. Report Abuse

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