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 Outstanding September 27, 2014
By Robert Elden (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
A very intense and emotionally satisfying performance. Dudamel is most deeply involved in the score and he conveys a strong sense of controlled grandeur throughout this presentation. The singers are also deeply committed and sing with great artistry. Superb....kudos all around! Report Abuse

 terrific performances, horrible soud & prodcution August 4, 2014
By Michael Ebert (Rico, CO) -- See All My Reviews
The Hollywood Bowl is a terrible place to record classical music, and to make it worse, they obviously didn't have enough time to make technical elements (sound quality, rushing noises, camera work)worthy of this great piece, brilliantly performed by Dudamel, the soloists, the orchestra, and the LA Master Chorale. What a shame! Report Abuse

 Verdi's Requiem: Re-evaluated in the 21 Century February 8, 2014
By Luke Bryant (Oakleigh South, Victoria) -- See All My Reviews
The first performance of Verdi's Messa da Requiem was on 22 May 1874. This magnificent open air performance of Verdi's -Lament- here presented in the famous Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, freed from the precincts of cathedral doctrine, contains brilliant operatic singing and superb camera work that makes this Blue-ray dts-HD recording another must addition on my record shelf. The solarists are Juliana DiGiacomo (soprano), Michelle DeYoung (mezzo-soprano), Vittorio Grigolo (tenor), and Hdebrando D’Archangelo (bass). This is music making that is stunning. The conductor, Gustavo Dudamel, controls the full cast with his hands (no baton) getting into every part of the music, explained in the -Behind The Scenes- interview. To quote from Warren Harris's earlier review - The result is amazing music that is both operatic and symphonic – it quite simply doesn’t get any better than this. And the fire and brimstone of the -Dies irae- is as wonderful as the -Requiem aeternam- and -Libera me- sections that bring this work to a close. However, as we are now more than a decade into the 21st Century, perhaps we should re-examine the composers -expression of grief- following the conductors holding of his audience of thousands in silent meditation of this performance, where no God - committed to justice - could hear the final Libera me - Deliver me, O Lord, from death eternal on that fearful day - and grant forgiveness to so many of his -believiers- rife with covered up child molestation, while in other countries,slaughtering continues because of different religious belief. Please remember, belief is not fact, but unverified hearsay. This first class recording and performance gets 5+ Stars. Luke Bryant. Report Abuse

 Amazing interpretation of Verdi’s Requiem!!! January 27, 2014
By Warren Harris -- See All My Reviews
This DVD captures Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic in a performance of Verdi’s Requiem Mass at the Hollywood Bowl on August 13th & 15th of 2013. And I must day, I am darned envious of those people that got to see this performance live, as the recording is simply spectacular. The performance features Juliana DiGiacomo (soprano), Michelle DeYoung (mezzo-soprano), Vittorio Grigolo (tenor), and Hdebrando D’Archangelo (bass). All of the soloists do an incredible job, but special mention must go to Michelle DeYoung for her captivating vocals and the sheer delight that is evident while she experiences the performances of her fellow soloists. This is music making as a group, and the results are stunning. And Gustavo Dudamel – my, oh my, is he fabulous. He conducts the piece with his hands (as opposed to a baton), so as to be able to “get his fingers” into every part of the piece, as he explains in the “Behind The Scenes” interview extra. It is obvious that he feels the music in a very special way, and in the extra you can see how he expresses this to the orchestra and how they respond. The result is amazing music that is both operatic and symphonic – it quite simply doesn’t get any better than this. And the fire and brimstone of the “Dies irae” is as wonderful as the “Requiem aeternam” and “Libera me” sections that bring this work to a close. If you are a Verdi lover or are a fan of Dudamel, then you absolutely must have this DVD. You won’t be disappointed. Very Highly Recommended! Report Abuse

 Verdi's sacred opera January 21, 2014
By Jim  D. -- See All My Reviews
It's been said that Verdi's Requiem is simply an opera on a religious text, and Gustavo Dudamel seems to agree. Conducting from memory, he relishes the dynamic and emotional contrasts of the score, and if the choir nearly disappears in the tumult when the orchestra really cuts loose, well, that's the nature of the beast. The soloists play their roles, too, the soprano rather cool and regal until her "Libera me," the tenor putting down his book to ham up the "Ingemisco." The chorus is fine, with some lovely soft singing (and good intonation in the treacherous a cappella sections), even if the sopranos are not together in their last fugal entrance. The camera work shows everything you could want to see, though the director misses a bet at the beginning of the "Tuba mirum" section: when the antiphonal brass begin their fanfares, the view cuts to the very back of the Bowl--only if you know what you're looking for can you spot the extra players (however, they are nicely spaced in the sound recording). Subtitles just appear when the text is first sung, and do not distract by appearing on each repetition. As an extra, Dudamel is interviewed about the work and shown rehearsing it. Report Abuse

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