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 Bach's Goldberg variations November 8, 2013
By P. Yam (Los Angeles, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Having the DVD in place of written liner notes is really an effective way of explaining and demonstrating the essential structure of these pieces to both pianists and music lovers in general. It is very generous of Jeremy Denk to spend his time in this manner. I wish this way of communication is done more often. The playing is splendid. Report Abuse

 Magnificent playing November 1, 2013
By Colin Thurlow (San Francisco, CA) -- See All My Reviews
The clarity alone of Jeremy Denk's playing would be enough to recommend this recording. Caveat: The packaging is both ludicrous and cheesy. Can they not afford a double jewel box? As it stands I went out and bought one to protest the discs. Extremely disheartening. Report Abuse

 Wow, those "liner notes"! October 30, 2013
By T. Mackey (Oak Brook, IL) -- See All My Reviews
I am first of all a devotee of Mr. Denk and like all I have heard: the Ives, Ligeti, the French Album with Bell. I have seen him at the CSO playing a Beethoven Concerto and just a few weeks ago, attended, avidly, his Goldbergs there. Denk's 9 video liner notes are priceless and a must for all lovers of Bach. Truly, a must and a lifetime gift. The music? Wonderful. Report Abuse

 Perfection! October 17, 2013
By Max B. (Lakewood, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
An extraordinary rendition of one of Bach's most beloved works. An album that I believe can be enjoyed on many different levels. A sure buy for any Bach, piano, or Classical music lover. Report Abuse

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