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 Wonderful recordings, with one mildly negative co November 7, 2013
By Anne W. (Rockville, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I loved the recordings of both concerti. The only vaguely negative comment I have is that Ms. Grimaud often brings in her left hand a split second or so before her right in some sections of the slow movement of the No. 1 concerto. As a long-time piano student, I've requently been told that this is something you just do NOT do! Maybe if you're as talented a pianist as Helene Grimaud it's OK - many professional piansts make deviations away from the originsl scores. I haven't looked at this particular score - maybe it's written that way, but I've never heard it from other pianists. I can recall other piano students doing this with various pieces of music, and been given quite a reprimand by the teacher! I tried it myself once....out of sheer "devilment" to see what my teacher's reaction was, and was given the "rounds of the kitchen", in no uncertain terms! That's the only thing that mars the recording for me - but the rest is so good that I can live with it. Ms. Grimaud's expression is very emotional and soul-searching. Report Abuse

By Peter T. (Bethesda, MD) -- See All My Reviews
Helene Grimaud portraits Brahms as a man of 36 inches waistline and with elegantly trimmed moustache. I like him HER way. No more headache, no more bouts of depression after listening to the greats of the past ( and present ). My very top shelf. Enjoy it ! Report Abuse

 Helene Grimaud Plays Brahms November 4, 2013
By John Edelblute (Hartford, WI) -- See All My Reviews
I purchased this album because of my love of the piano concerto. We all know Brahms, but I personnally had never heard of Helene Grimaud who is the pianist on this album. Wow, she makes my "A" list! She's terrific! Reading the album notes she contrasts the beginning and later aspects of Brahms life through these two concertos. As a listener I lack the musical sophistication to be able to make those distinctions. To me, both concerto #1 and #2 are equally great and superlatively played. I would strongly recommend this album to all my fellow lovers of piano concertos. Report Abuse

 A new trip down a familiar path October 31, 2013
By Thomas E. (Costa Mesa, CA) -- See All My Reviews
It's as if I had never heard the two concertos before Grimaud's interpretation. Over many years, I've listened to probably all the interpretations and thought, "Well, that's it. What else could anybody do?" But Helene made them sound fresh ... the same Brahms through new eyes and ears, so to speak. She's simply amazing! Report Abuse

 Bravo! October 29, 2013
By Jerry G. (Edgewater, CO) -- See All My Reviews
I find that every now and then something really stands out. This is one that does. Well done in every way. Report Abuse

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