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 Don't buy this recording December 6, 2013
By Gerald B. (Eugene, OR) -- See All My Reviews
I bought this because of the editor's rave review. BIG MISTAKE! There are two things that destroy this recording. The first is Grimaud's inability to strike the left hand at the same time as the right. She totally destroys every one of Brahms beautiful,lush adagio melodies...this is painful to bump, ba bump, ba bump. The second fatal flaw is the terrible editing of the recording; listen to the piano move forward and back in space, then the percussion moves forward and back, then the strings...etc, etc, this is BAD editing that prohibits any continuity of the music. I approached this recording excited to hear a different interpretation. I was totally angry after hearing this travesty on Brahms wonderful concertos. Buy the Ax,Levine CSO for No.1 and the Pollini,Abbado,Vienna Phil for No.2 and enjoy! Report Abuse

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