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 Stopping By, Kyle Bielfield & Lachlan Glen December 2, 2013
By K. Williams -- See All My Reviews
American Art Song Renewed Indeed, this album is a labor of love. In it the artists have set down American art songs that perhaps would have been recorded by no one else and have done so in a style reminiscent of an era long past. Remembering that American art song had its beginning in the parlors of people’s homes and performed by classically trained musicians, Mr. Bielfield, Mr. Glen, and Mr. Samis bring us music with lyrics composed and written by an array of our country’s accomplished songwriters and most beloved poets. The presentation of each song is simple and unaffected, yet technically brilliant. Mr. Bielfield’s rich vocal quality lends itself perfectly to create this as an overall effect of the production. In addition, the range and flexibility of his voice allows him to add a depth of color and adaptation that may well surprise the listener. Mr. Glen and Mr. Samis are more no mere accompanists. The feeling they convey through their portrayal of music brings an added dimension to this album that is truly nothing short of beautiful. It is this collaboration of voice, piano, and cello that allows us to experience something that is historic, yet new and fresh. From the melodies of Stephen Foster to the poetry of Robert Frost to Mark Abel’s “The Benediction”, in this album today’s listeners are treated to a truly American song experience. Report Abuse

 Incredibly New October 15, 2013
By Dave Thomas -- See All My Reviews
I can't get over how wonderful this recording is. There are some common arts songs and some I've never heard of, but NOTHING is common about how they are portrayed. This is the way American music should be done. With honesty and clear style to will put it right up there next to German lied and French chanson. Its time for American art song to step up and this is the beginning. Simply beautiful. Report Abuse

 Glorious debut recording October 11, 2013
By Arthur Leonard (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Disclosure up front - I met Lachlan Glen when I attended many of the Schubert lieder concerts that he and Jonathan Ware organized in NYC last season, so I was particular excited to learn that he would be participating in this recording project. The results are fantastic. This is an intriguing collection of American songs, beautifully sung, and the sound quality is right up there with the best. Balancing voice and piano is a very difficult task, but it is well handled here by musicians and audio engineers. This one has my highest recommendation. Report Abuse

 Kyle Bielfield will be the American tenor for the October 6, 2013
By Bruce B. -- See All My Reviews
Kyle Bielfield was magnificent in his singing in this album. The quality and range of his voice was awe inspiring. The color of his tones and emotive were of a nature not usually seen in such a young man. The piano playing of Lachlan Glen was an amazing fit for Kyle's voice. The quality of the recording was also a surprise. The album seemed to have been recorded live which just brings even more richness to this incredible crossover work of art. These 2 Juilliard boys have brought it home! Bravo!!! Report Abuse

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