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U.K. shining star Hyperion has a sterling reputation for producing classical recordings of beauty and distinction. Everything on the Hyperion label is now on sale at ArkivMusic, including a special deal for a limited time on their Helios reissue line, which is now available at 3 CDs for $25.*

Here are just a few of the fine recordings that exemplify the high standards of Hyperion:

Bach: The Art of Fugue / Hewitt
A ClassicsToday 10/10! This must certainly be ranked as one of the best recordings of The Art of Fugue on the basis of its distinctive and always supremely musical qualities. Gorgeously recorded, Hewitt provides thoughtful, intelligent, thorough, and very readable notes that provide a good bit of pleasure all by themselves.

The Romantic Violin Concerto Vol 16 - Busoni, Strauss / Becker-Bender
Violinist Tanja Becker-Bender returns to the Romantic Violin Concerto series after having dazzled the critics with her great lyrical force and tremendous sense of drama in Reger.

The Romantic Piano Concerto Vol 63 - Godard / Shelley
This entry in Hyperion's popular series features Howard Shelley performing the music of French composer Benjamin Godard. These piano concertos often resemble Brahms, though with thematic and orchestral elegance that is quintessentially French. A tour de force for Shelley.

Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin / Mahan Esfahani
Mahan Esfahani's much-lauded previous album of C. P. E. Bach was Gramophone's Baroque Instrumental Recording of the Year. He follows that up with the whole of Rameau’s output of keyboard suites, rejoicing in their wealth of genius, excitement, and drama. (2 CDs)

Bach: Mass in B Minor / Cohen, Arcangelo
A Gramophone Editor's Choice! Cohen's grand and ravishing overview propels an overwhelming sense that this deserves to be taken very seriously. The work rarely speaks with such gracefulness, freedom, or conviction. (2 CDs)

Arvo Part / Layton, Polyphony
Spanning nearly five decades of the composer's work, this new album by Stephen Layton and Polyphony returns to the music of Arvo Pärt. The extraordinary purity of Polyphony’s singing is the perfect vehicle for music of such clean, elemental simplicity and cathartic calm.

Brahms: Piano, Clarinet, Horn Trios / Florestan Trio
A clear first recommendation for any of the five works. I find these fully the equal of any other versions of any of the trios in the catalogs, whether by present-day or "golden age" performers. Wonderful music-making. (2 CDs)

And here are some top picks among Helios CDs at 3 for $25:*

Palestrina: Missa Dum Complerentur / Baker, Westminster Cathedral
Palestrina's mellifluous counterpoint resonates like whipped cream in the cathedral acoustics, yet the clarity and sensitivity of texture is exemplary. Delicious.

Korngold: Sextet; Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht / Raphael Ensemble
Two of the finest examples of the string sextet repertoire, to be enjoyed for what they truly represent—the very summit of late Austrian Romanticism from Imperial Vienna, just before it finally disappeared forever. The Raphael Ensemble are superb in every respect.

Poulenc: Mass in G, Motets / O'Donnell, Westminster Cathedral
The Westminster boys display an uncanny empathy with these miniature masterpieces. Their musicianship shines through every carefully measured phrase and dynamic.

Schubert: Octet / Gaudier Ensemble
Perfect intonation, tonal beauty, impeccable phrasing: it's all here. Richard Hosford's velvety smooth clarinet playing and first violinist Marieke Blankestijn's sinewy timbre make a beguiling combination, and they receive elegant support from their partners.

Byrd: Consort Songs / Robin Blaze
No one had a greater gift than Byrd for writing captivating melodies that flow with a remarkable, cadence-less freedom, and this is the most comprehensive single-disc offering of Byrd's work in this genre. Blaze and his colleagues go to the heart and soul of each and every song, treating each as a unique, personal revelation.

See more featured Helios titles, or browse everything from Helios, now 3 for $25.* And be sure to view all of our featured titles from Hyperion as well as the entire Hyperion catalog while it is all on sale. (Helios 3 for $25 ends at midnight ET November 25; Helios continues on sale at $9.99 per disc until midnight ET December 2, when the Hyperion sale also ends.)

As always, I thank you for your support and love of classical music.

The Arkiv Team

*Purchase 3 or more CDs from Helios and you will be charged only $8.33 each. The more you buy, the more you save!