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This week, ArkivMusic brings you terrific recordings from around the world, including our first sale on Japan's audiophile Exton label, as well as Germany's Hänssler Classic and Profil, the London Philharmonic Orchestra's label, Toccata Classics, and Tudor. Here are some top picks from each:

Bach: Complete Orchestral Works / Helmuth Rilling
Rilling's Bach credentials are impeccable, and his scrupulously crafted and splendidly executed modern-instrument performances combine brisk, sparkling allegros, full of life, with thoughtful slow movements, admirably expressive. $31.99 (11 CDs) – $18 Off!

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Mahler: Symphony No 1 / Jurowski, London PO
One of the better Mahler Firsts on disc, including the rejected “Blumine” movement, lovingly played and well integrated into the whole. The London Philharmonic Orchestra plays with complete unanimity of purpose and notable polish. Enthusiastically recommended. $12.99

All CDs on the LPO label are on sale now!

Suppe: Requiem / Fajtova, Gottwald, Muzek, Schaller
This is one terrific recording of a terrific performance of a terrific piece of music – a work from some deep reservoir of pent-up passion in the composer’s core being. There’s not a single measure in the entire work that doesn’t hold one spellbound. $13.99

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Lully: Overtures & Airs / Capriccio
Greatly enjoyable performances that bring out the splendor and colorful nature of these suites. It is easy to understand why this music from the court of Versailles was imitated across Europe. Lovers of Baroque orchestral music will be enthusiastic about this. $14.99

Everything from Tudor is on sale now!

Prokofiev: Symphonies No 1 & 5 / Ashkenazy, Sydney
Stunning performances, in stunning sound, of Prokofiev's two most popular symphonies. The orchestra is full, warm, and immediate, yet details of orchestration pop with breathtaking clarity. $21.99

Everything from Exton is on sale now!

Martinu: Early Orchestral Works Vol 1 / Hobson
A fine collection of early Martinu works, all first recordings. Hobson is a reliable and enthusiastic guide to this unknown repertoire. $14.99

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Holst: The Planets / Jurowski, London PO
An absolutely smoking performance in all respects. The playing of the LPO is amazingly fine. The sonics are amazingly good. It's wonderful to have a performance that grabs a work like this by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good, healthy shake. $7.99

Fritz Wunderlich - The Legend
Wunderlich sings in the freshest voice possible, but with the taste and elegance of his prime. Snap this up, Wunderlich fans who do not have the selections, and any other lovers of truly great tenor singing. $14.99 (2 CDs) – Over 50% Off!

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Haydn: Complete Symphonies Vol 20 / Fey, Heidelberg
Thomas Fey's totally fresh approach in his series of Haydn symphony recordings continues with this latest volume. $13.99

Debussy, Poulenc, Ravel, Francaix: Piano Concertos / Florian Uhlig
A wonderfully smart program of familiar and less familiar French piano concertos that offers excellent value and makes for very satisfying listening. Don't overlook this on account of the unfamiliarity of the artists. Fine playing and creative programming speak for themselves. A winner. $13.99

Telemann: Ouvertures & Concertos / Capriccio
A delightful potpourri of Telemann orchestral music. The strings of this period-instrument group are polished and silky. $14.99

Dvorak: Czech Suite; Suk: Fairy Tale / Macal, Czech PO
Dvorák's Czech Suite is as perfect as it gets in terms of form, melody, and scoring, and it's fabulously played and recorded here. Suk's Fairy Tale is melodically quite personal and captivating, and no recording of it is better than this. If you don't know this music (or don't know it very well), here's a chance to really savor it. $21.99

See all of our featured titles from Exton, Hänssler Classic, Profil, LPO, Toccata Classics, and Tudor while they are all on sale! (Exton and Hänssler sales end at midnight ET September 24; all others end at midnight ET September 30.)

As always, I thank you for your support and love of classical music.

The Arkiv Team