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Dear ArkivMusic Customer,

If you are an audiophile looking for acclaimed performances in spectacular sound, you will not want to miss ArkivMusic's sales on PentaTone and Sono Luminus.

Formed by executives from Philips Classics, Dutch label PentaTone is devoted to recording classical music in superb surround sound. The entire PentaTone catalog is made up of hybrid Super Audio CDs, providing magnificent stereo sound on standard CD players and the ultimate surround-sound experience using SACD equipment.

American label Sono Luminus, incorporating the Dorian catalog and heritage, has long been known for engaging programs in exemplary sound as well. Below are some of our current favorites from these outstanding labels.


Bruch, Chausson, Korngold: Violin Concertos / Steinbacher
Arabella Steinbacher's violin shimmers with subtlety and grace in these three works full of late-Romantic feeling. $15.99

Wagner: Tristan und Isolde / Janowski, Gould, Stemme, Berlin Radio Symphony
The most “alive,” dramatic, excitingly sung and conducted performance of Tristan since Karl Böhm did it at the Orange Festival in July 1973 with Birgit Nilsson and Jon Vickers. It’s nearly that good in performance quality, and the sonics are immeasurably better. $34.99 (3 CDs)

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Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 3 / Pletnev, Russian NO
Mikhail Pletnev has the Russian National Orchestra playing in top form, and he finds many felicities in the piece, like the coquettish wind asides in the Alla tedesca movement that delight the ear and give Tchaikovsky’s note-spinning a serenade-like gracefulness. $15.99

Rachmaninov: Corelli Variations, Etudes-Tableaux, Morceaux de Fantaisie / Arghamanyan
A ClassicsToday 10/10! Arghamanyan’s all-Rachmaninov recital reveals a disciplined, controlled, architecturally aware, and expressively sophisticated artist. A terrific release in every way. $15.99

Schubert: Symphonies No 6 & 8 / Herreweghe
Top-notch Schubert in spectacularly vivid performances. If you don’t know the Sixth Symphony, this will make a perfect introduction to its charms. The “Unfinished” makes a perfect pairing. With SACD quality sound to boot, Schubert may have never sounded better. $15.99

Bruckner: Mass in F Minor / Janowski
Because Bruckner's masses tend to be a specialized interest that fans of the symphonies sometimes overlook, this recording is a great introduction, and listeners who have been following Janowski's symphonic series would be wise to include this in their rotation. $15.99

This England / Kalmar, Oregon Symphony Orchestra
This is a disc of no little distinction. The playing is excellent and Carlos Kalmar conducts all three works with understanding and flair. $15.99

Beethoven: 9 Symphonies / Herreweghe
I heartily recommend this set to those who want state-of-the-art sound combined with intelligent musicianship, informed but not constrained by period practice. Herreweghe’s Beethoven is incisive, dynamic, imaginative, and flexible. $34.99 (5 CDs)


The Kingdoms of Castille / Savino, El Mundo
An excellent disc. The sound is crystal-clear, with probably the best performances of these works to date. If you are seeking entertaining music, well performed and delightful, you will want to have this. $11.99

Vaughan Williams, McDonald, Suesse: Concertos for Two Pianos / Long Duo
An essential release not likely to be duplicated in the near or far future. Grab it! $11.99

Telemann: Sonate a Cinque & Quattro / Rebel
A great deal of fun. Rebel captures the music's daring qualities in a colorful program that the Telemann aficionado will enjoy. $11.99

Scarlatti: La Dirindina, Pur Nel Sonno / Ars Lyrica Houston
Here you have it: comedy, sex, and some extremely sprightly tunes, not to mention a recitative that actually has some comedic plot to it. What’s not to like? An important addition to the repertory that has long been missing. $14.99 (CD + Blu-ray Audio Disc)

See all of our featured titles from PentaTone and Sono Luminus, or view the entire PentaTone catalog and the complete catalog from Sono Luminus while they are both on sale. (Sono Luminus sale ends at midnight ET August 20; PentaTone sale ends at midnight ET August 29.)

As always, I thank you for your support and love of classical music.

The Arkiv Team