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 Great CD November 30, 2014
By J Robert Brookens (Marion, KS) -- See All My Reviews
I've enjoyed the music of Poulenc for years, but only his sacred (and incredibly difficult) works. This new side, and hearing familiar melodies that were written by him is delightful, and pairing it with the songs of Edith Piaf is not only imaginative, but brilliant. I watched Edith Piaf as a kid on Ed Sullivan and was fascinated by this little woman. If this is piano bar stuff, well give me more! The music on this CD so well done, wonderful music and wonderful arranging in some cases. Worth every penny. Report Abuse

 Well, now, this one is just lovely! January 29, 2014
By Jane J  R. (Royal Oak, MI) -- See All My Reviews
Edith Piaf sang the blues en francais so beautifully with the lilt that reminds that this too shall pass. Poulenc captures all of that brilliantly and Pompa-Baldi delivers it impeccably, making the piano sing with Piaf's voice. This is a disc to play a many times, to raise your spirits and feed your heart. Report Abuse

 good choice November 11, 2013
By mike b. (burnaby, British Columbia) -- See All My Reviews
This is one classy disc,relaxing music, unknown to me but a pleasant surprise. I thought it similar to Mompou's piano music also Goes and Nazareth and Francisco Mignone. Very well played with good recording quality. You won't go wrong here. Report Abuse

 Love and Loss in a Parisian Cafe October 29, 2013
By Danette Littleton (Delray Beach, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Order Champagne and listen ... The Rascal and the Sparrow invites you to the musical intimacy and passion of lovers, found and lost. Here, the captivating melodic language is conspicuously French by Piaf, the waif, the trembling sparrow and Poulenc, once called God's Clown. No Germanic traits here, no Tristan and Isolde. La vie en rose, Hymne a l' amour, so familiar, fall on the ears and never leave. So too, are the lesser known songs of Poulenc, including his Hommage a Edith Piaf, Improvisation for Piano no. 15 in C minor, selection #2 on the disc. Perhaps, this work was the impulse for Antonio Pompa-Baldi, pianist, to compile this disc. He transcribed, and embellished several songs by Poulenc and selected songs from Piaf's repertoire. From the liner notes: It might be considered as a musical conversation between two icons who, each in their own way brought new drama to French song. (Damien Fowler) Accolades and applause are merited by the exquisite performance of Antonio Pompa-Baldi! Within a few measures, his artistry captivated my heart and transported me to Cafe de Flore, Boulevard St-Germain. It's 1952. Meet me there. I'll wear a red rose... Report Abuse

 Ultimate Romance October 26, 2013
By N. Clark (Beverly, MA) -- See All My Reviews
Antonio Pompa-Baldi's interpretation of some of the most moving music of the 20th century is a joy to hear. Edith Piaf's emotive soulfulness coupled with Poulenc's lightness of touch stimulate the imagination and provide the best kind of escapism through art. Report Abuse

 Music for the Imagination October 23, 2013
By Ellen M. (Jacksonville, FL) -- See All My Reviews
I gave this disc to my music-loving Mom for a gift (she listens to it on her Bose CD player) and she can't say enough about it. She was unfamiliar with Poulenc but has now become a big fan. She praised the quality of the music but especially noted the way her mind paints pictures while she listens to it. This is music that takes the listener away from trouble and stress. Now I'm buying the music for myself! Report Abuse

 Wonderful recording October 23, 2013
By Robert W. (SAINT JOSEPH, MO) -- See All My Reviews
When I was a college student in Boston, Poulenc came to town to premiere his 2-Piano Concerto (he played one of the pianos) with the BSO. I met him while he was there, and he even autographed a picture for me. Since then I've been a big fan of his music. If you're also a fan then this is an essential CD for your library. It's simply wonderful. By the way, Poulenc always seemed to have an impish smile as if you'd just caught him doing something slightly naughty. Report Abuse

 DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE! October 22, 2013
By Floyd S Watson (Escondido, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I became intrigued by the title of this CD when Archiv sent out the first email telling of its eminent release. Being both a fan of the music of Poulenc and Piaf, I found that I had to have the CD and solve the mystery. It is a beautiful delight to listen to, and Antonio Pompa-Baldi is a first rate pianist! The recording is sumptuous, and I have already bought another copy for a friend. You will not be disappointed in the sheer beauty of this CD. I highly recommend it for all tastes! Report Abuse

 lovely recording October 16, 2013
By Karen L. (Lake Zurich, IL) -- See All My Reviews
A beautiful collection of music played with great feeling...just love listening to it! Report Abuse

 A true find September 23, 2013
By William C S. (Thousand Oaks, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Very little to say; a very unique recording, worth every penny and a pleasure to listen to at any hour of the day. Ten stars if it were possible. No, it's not the B Minor Mass nor is it the Rite of Spring, but in its own right, it's a classic right off the bat. Report Abuse

 Fantastic!  September 5, 2013
By Joseph Irrera (Rochester, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Beautiful works, Beautifully arranged, and Beautifully performed. This CD is now among my favorites in my collection!! Report Abuse

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