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 Fabulous July 18, 2014
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
The 3 violin concertos on this Naxos disk were originally written as violin sonatas by Edvard Grieg. Refashioned into concertos by the superb Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud, the result is simply amazing- fresh, lyrical, and intensely impressive. Henning Kraggerud himself is the soloist with the excellent Tromso Chamber Orchestra from Northern Norway. Cynics might call this recording a form of 'old wine in new bottles.' Okay, let them have their say, but the truth is this- the wine is vintage and the bottles are exquisite new containers, certain to catch the attention of any wine connoisseur (classical music fan). In my opinion, this is a truly magnificent recording- the soloist is magisterial, the orchestra provides superior accompaniment, and the CD's sonic quality is audiophile all the way. Don't hesitate on this one- highest recommendation for a disk you are certain to love!! Report Abuse

 Beautiful music, beautifully played. January 31, 2014
By Diane H. (Topsham, ME) -- See All My Reviews
These concertos were unfamiliar to me, and I was pleased to discover how lovely they are - delightful to the ear and and soothing to the soul. Report Abuse

 Well worth doing January 29, 2014
By DAVID Brown (SAN PEDRO, CA) -- See All My Reviews
These works are perfect Innocent Ear fodder, particularly for someone like me who didn't know the Violin Sonatas on which they are based. I still don't, but I really ought to give them a listen, if only to compare with these three "concerti for violin and chamber orchestra" that Messrs Kraggerud and Lund have skilfully wrought. The liner notes too, by Kraggerud himself, are a model of useful succinctness, combining brief accounts of the original sonatas with a convincing justification for making the arrangements, and some fascinating detail of the challenges that arose in the process. The only thing that makes me hold back the fifth star is the recording, or maybe it's the transfer. The sound is very close-up and in-your-face — I had to twiddle the volume knob about seven notches back to get the level down to something reasonable. Even then the sound is a little airless; I wonder whether the engineers, recording in a church, found there was rather a lot of reverberation to deal with and thus close-miked the players? (Nothing wrong with the actual balance between violin and orchestra, though). If so, I would have preferred them to pull back a bit and let the reverb take care of itself. However... with that proviso, both the music and the performances on this disc are a delight. Go for it. Report Abuse

 Grieg for orchestra December 15, 2013
By Richard K. (Oro Valley, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Grieg specialized in miniatures. Those of us who love Peer Gynt and the piano concerto wish he had done more for the large group. Here is the answer to your wish--violin concertos based on the violin sonatas. It is pure Grieg and that delights this auditor. Report Abuse

 Unexpected, successful transcriptions October 18, 2013
By L. Ackerman (Washington, DC) -- See All My Reviews
I bought this as a curiosity on whether this was a gimmick and, ultimately, cheesy transcriptions of the three violin sonatas, orchestrated for violin and strings. The journey is not only beautiful but compelling. The orchestrations are done with enormous skill and there is hardly any minute of boredom or disappointment. The last sonata aqcuires a dimension that puts it besides the best orchestral Grieg. Plus, the performances and the sound are simply superb. Report Abuse

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