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 World Class Performance July 31, 2014
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Along with the 2nd, Rachmaninov's 3rd Symphony holds a permanent place in the standard orchestral inventory, and with good reason. The delicate work of the winds in the work's brooding introspection, systematically giving way to savage outbursts of late Romantic or neo-Romantic explosions by the full orchestra, together result in a musical score that is simply a magnificent listening experience, whether in the concert hall or at home with your stereo system. Plenty of extraordinary recordings of the 3rd Symphony, as well as Rachmaninov's masterly Symphonic Dances, have appeared over the years. To that list of outstanding recordings must be added this exquisite, dynamic, and altogether powerful performance by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and its music director Leonard Slatkin. The technical qualities of this Naxos disk are sensational- wide dynamic range, crystal clarity in every fortissimo and pianissimo passage, and realistic balancing, all of which gives the listener the sensation of being in the concert hall, 10th row center- it really is that good. If any of you may be wondering about the value of yet another Rachmaninov 3rd Symphony recording, please rest assured that this exhilarating performance will quickly scuttle any such doubts. Naxos has a real winner with this disk, and I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Strong recommendation. Report Abuse

 Fine Rachmaninoff September 10, 2013
By Bruce M. (Los Angeles, CA) -- See All My Reviews
While I agree with most of Hurwitz's review, I must take issue with one of his points. I think it's a mistake to let the tam-tam stroke continue to vibrate after the orchestra cuts off. To me, this dissipates all the considerable energy that Rachmaninoff has generated as well as going against his wishes (as recorded by Ormandy under Rachmaninoffs supervision). Report Abuse

 Beauty with a backbone June 20, 2013
By Dean Frey -- See All My Reviews
I haven't been bowled over by the last two Leonard Slatkin discs I've reviewed. I found his Berlioz somewhat over-refined, and he seemed disengaged in his view of Ravel orchestral works. But he finds the mark in this new CD of Rachmaninov's Third Symphony. A certain amount of reserve is an advantage in a work that can seem over-ripe and flacid when the conductor is too self-indulgent. Slatkin finds the back-bone in this highly romantic music, and he has the tools to produce a thrilling reading of the piece. Those tools include a rich string sound and strong brass from the Detroit players, and a vivid and absolutely lifelike sound from the Naxos engineers. With a similarly taut, lively and intelligent reading of the Symphonic Dances included, this disc is a real winner. It might even win some new fans for a composer whose reputation in this century seems lower than it was in the last. Report Abuse

 Finally, Rachmaninov 3 that I like May 3, 2013
By Mary Lynn H. (San Antonio, TX) -- See All My Reviews
This symphony is so interesting that I've been buying copy after copy looking for one that I could really enjoy. This one is as close as I've ever come. My husband keeps saying that he still can't wrap himself around this music because it is unusual. I'm amazed at what Naxos can do. Slatkin really gets this music. The Symphonic Dances are equal to any that I've heard. Highly recommend. Report Abuse

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