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 My First Holmbow August 7, 2013
By Due Fuss -- See All My Reviews
This is my first introduction to Vagn Holmboe's music, having seen the name for years. A pleasant surprise indeed. Any viola concerto is a welcome addition to my music collection and in Holmboe's op. 189 we receive a fine example. Tom my ears Holmboe evokes Hindemith, while remaining a unique voice. His writing is ably served by the elegant yet incisive playing of Lars Anders Tomter who provides a marvelous performance. Holmboe's Concerto for Orchestra from 1929 is a curious work, to my ears the sound of a new composer exploring the complexity of the orchestra in an idiosyncratic manner. The Concerto for Violin no. 2, from 1979, shows how Holmboe's voice developed from his early effort in the Concerto for Orchestra. Here Holmboe's voice has cohered into a tight formal unity. Erik Heide is superb and Dima Slobodeniouk leads his orchestra with fastidious attention to dynamics and balance. The engineering is excellent as well. Report Abuse

 Exciting world premiere recordings June 20, 2013
By Dean Frey -- See All My Reviews
Vagn Holmboe's 2nd Violin Concerto deserves to be included in the same group of 20th Century violin concertos as those by Sibelius, Nielsen, Prokofiev, Walton, Berg, Stravinsky and Bartok. The Viola Concerto has much less company, but this is an impressive work as well. The soloists on this exciting new DaCapo release are truly excellent. Violinist Erik Heide and violist Lars Anders Tomter both shine, and they're given superb support by the Norrkoping Symphony under conductor Dima Slobodeniouk. The orchestra has its own moment to shine in Holmboe's Concerto for Orchestra, a work by the 20-year old composer that has never been performed before now. This brass-heavy neo-classical work has a sound of its own that I really like, though it's much less technically assured than the violin and viola concertos which show the mastery of orchestration Holmboe attained after fifty more years of composition. All the works on this splendid CD are world premiere recordings. DaCapo gives the entire project the highest level of production values, from engineering to packaging design. The solid slipcase, the liner notes by Jens Cornelius, the artwork, the recording and production, the performances and the album concept: everything is deluxe, and all in support of some of the most exciting new music I've heard in years. Report Abuse

 Unabashed neo-classical richness June 3, 2013
By Ralph Graves (Hood, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Danish composer Vagn Holmboe (1909-1996) remained true to himself, throughout his career, writing the music he wanted to with little regard for academic fashion. While generally neo-classical in style, his music has a distinctive individuality to it -- as this collection proves. These three concertos span a half-century, yet they collectively form a homogeneous program. <br /> ,br&gt; While this release is available as a download, I highly recommend the SACD version -- especially if you have an SACD player. These performances were lovingly recorded by DaCapo, and the fullness of the sound adds an extra dimension to these appealing works. Report Abuse

 Beautiful! June 1, 2013
By Chris S. -- See All My Reviews
What a great representation of this excellent 20th century composer! The artistry and musicianship is superb and I love how the concerti on this CD span his entire career, with the earliest work being written in 1929 and the latest 1992! Report Abuse

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