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 Bravo, Kapell! July 11, 2015
By Anthony F. (Grand Junction, CO) -- See All My Reviews
Superb! Poetic! One can hear every note. And the sound of the recordings are excellent. Highly recommended. Report Abuse

 Indispensable October 30, 2014
By paul orgel (Shelburne, VT) -- See All My Reviews
The Bach 4th Partita, Chopin Mazurkas and B Minor Sonata, the Prokofiev 7th Sonata, and 3rd Concerto are extraordinary. Almost everything else is played with brilliant insight and excitement. This bargain set shows the great musical range that Kapell (arguably the greatest pianist that America has produced) achieved, even as his career was just getting started. Essential listening for anyone interested in piano playing. Report Abuse

 SPECTACULAR!!!! October 21, 2014
By P. Ledesma (Wellington, KS) -- See All My Reviews
I'd only heard of the legendary pianists on THE RECORD SHELF radio program. When I heard him for myself on the incredible set of recordings I was absolutely floored! His artistry is absolutely out of this world! My only complaint is the duplication of the Pictures at an Exhibition. Kepell's technique is second to no artist that has every touched a keyboard! And I learned that there was so much more to this music I thought I'd known so well! I often felt that the man had 4 hands with all of the music I was hearing! THIS MUST BE HEARD TO BE BELIEVED! Report Abuse

 Outstanding Offer October 21, 2014
By Bruce B. (university park, FL) -- See All My Reviews
This collection clearly establishes why Kapell is still considered by many to be the best classical pianist America produced in the 20th Century. The collection demonstrates why he was a jewel, both technically and interpretively. It includes recordings of Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian that have good sound quality even with monaural recording. The collection of Chopin mazurkas is outstanding. Kudos for making this available. Report Abuse

 an absolute must October 26, 2013
By robert freeman chadis (oslo, oslo) -- See All My Reviews
another of the very greatest who died young. Report Abuse

 A pity October 13, 2013
By Anthony G. (SANTA FE, NM) -- See All My Reviews
A pity we lost such a great talent so young and so tragically. The outstanding feature of his playing is his silken, sensual tone, that still preserves the logic, integrity, and phrasing of the pieces played. He was a pianist who absolutely understood the music he was playing. Architecture as well as aesthetics were important to him. Report Abuse

 Artists, not entertainers October 13, 2013
By Brien Chomica (Winnipeg, MB) -- See All My Reviews
Have known Willy's recordings for 40 years; but this collection brings in some performances and recordings that have not been available on disc before this collection. The Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata, and the Chopin B-minor Scherzo are just two of the pieces that impressed me most right now. Mr. Kapell was known for his Kachaturian Concerto (as Horowitz was for the Rach III, and Jorge Bolet for the Prokofiev II, and John Browning for Sam Barber's Concerto) and it is here, along with so many other great readings of the be-jewelled miniatures, like the Chopin Mazurkas. -- Need I add that the great one died in a plane crash on what transpired as his last tour -- in Australia? He died younger than Chopin, and might have had an artistic career as bright as those who were left to inspire us in the 1950's and 60's and 70's. These recordings go right up to his ending. My mental momentum conjectures what more this trajectory might have accomplished. -- But then we all dangle at the end of the threads of Fate, do we not? Report Abuse

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