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By Vernon A M. (Minneapolis, MN) -- See All My Reviews
Jeffery Biegel plays familiars and unfamiliars with taste, dash, lightness and depth. It's already one of my favorites. I look forward to more from Biegel. Vern M. Report Abuse

 DISCOVERY July 2, 2013
By Ruth H R. (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Biegel is a fine pianist, but what especially pleased me in this recording was discovering so many composers of whom I was unaware. I listen to my classical music station (WQXR)almost 24/7 and have heard compositions by Paderewski and Rubenstein, but to my knowledge none of the others on this disk. It was a real discovery for me, but I think any piano lover will appreciate this recording. Report Abuse

 The essence is always romantic May 22, 2013
By bryan blundell (east hardwick, VT) -- See All My Reviews
Why bother with any art form if it doesn't express and ignite the romantic in us. How strange and disassociated to think otherwise. These piano pieces are very much in keeping with with the above sentiments, but of course Schumann, Beethoven, Chopin et al, are still the Kings of the Romantic form, the desire to say musically " I love you ", Or "to boldly go where...." bb Report Abuse

 The forgotten are brought back to life May 1, 2013
By Peter Phillips (Padstow, NSW) -- See All My Reviews
When hearing this CD, I am reminded of the performances I hear routinely on reproducing piano rolls. That any pianist today would have the courage to revisit this repertoire is exciting, it's even better when the performances are so well executed. Performer/composer names such as Mischa Levitzki and Ignace Paderewski, along with composers such as Moszkowski, Henselt and Schuett are now mainly relegated to history, or are they? Is there a move away from the note perfect, score perfect performances of today, with pianists like Jeffrey Beigel showing us that the romantic repertoire and its style of execution still has a lot to offer. And it's this skill I must comment on, in that Jeffrey has not only mastered the music, but the manner, the style, of these pieces. It's one thing to play Moszkowski's music, quite another to play it well. Same goes for all the other pieces, as these are not as simple to play as Jeffrey makes them sound. My heartiest congratulations go to Jeffrey and the production team. A wonderful CD. Report Abuse

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