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 Service that I received. May 27, 2014
By charles mitchell (CA, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I have nothing but appreciation for the service that I have received from your Office. Errors are corrected politely with expeditious concerns. I love your music and I am so happy that it is so easy to order the music. Thanks so much for your music and the service. Report Abuse

 A lively and happy New Year's concert February 8, 2013
By Linda Goddard (Reno, NV) -- See All My Reviews
The selections were brisk and melodious, well suited for the happy affair of ringing in the New Year. Finally, we see some female musicians in the orchestra!Overall, real enjoyable and on a par with prior years' concerts, I think. Report Abuse

 Wonderful as always February 6, 2013
By Joanne A. (ramona, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Wonderful, just as I expected. Report Abuse

 Wow! February 6, 2013
By Reginald Jones (Hamilton, VA) -- See All My Reviews
What an amazing pair of discs from two perspectives. The range of works, performances, and sound are the best ever from these New Year's concerts. I watched it on TV on Janaury 1, was alerted to its availablity by ArkivMusic, ordered it, and had it delviered by the Postal Service on January 10. Talk about speed! Under no circumstances should you miss this album. Order it today. Report Abuse

 Great sonics January 12, 2013
By Kent Blackwell (Virginia Beach, VA) -- See All My Reviews
As a staunch audiophile I highly recommend this recording. I watched the concert on television New Year's Day 2013. The sonics on the TV broadcast didn't come close to the sound captured by the Sony engineers on this compact disc. The bass is tight and strings are sweet and delicated. The liner notes indicate the recording is also available on vinyl, which no doubt will be even better. Incidentally, be sure to order the box set, Legendary Moments of New Year's Concerts. The included DVD of Herbert Von Karajan's 1987 concert is marvelous. The DVD picture quality is so-so but the sound is marvelous. Report Abuse

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