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 I'm confused March 28, 2013
By Martin Pinsky (Middleburg, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Why would anyone want billing as the recomposer of Vivaldi? Why doesn't Richter write his own music? I can see a transcription of a keyboard work, but to recompose? Where are the purists? Why aren't they screaming? you know the ones that drive pianists nuts when they play Bach on piano? I am still trying to get over neurotic cuckold Mahler reorchestrating Leonore 3. Leave the masters alone-- there is a difference between variant interpretations and this silly novelty nonsense of "recomposing?" What next? playing Vivaldi backwards? I think these alleged musicians have too much time on their hands. Report Abuse

 You have got to be kidding January 4, 2013
By Eulogio G. (Shelton, CT) -- See All My Reviews
You have got to be kidding me. Once upon a time in the land of vinyl records, it was acceptable all be it unnecessary to record a piece as short as the Four Season as a singleton. Today costs being what they are, it is totally unacceptable to record what is at best a twenty four minute pieces and make us pay for it. I am astounded that DG thinks it can get away with this. It doesen't matter how new and interesting this is. I for one need to be careful where I spend my money and this isn't it. Report Abuse

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