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 I was so Moved by the Music. August 7, 2013
By Daniel Reton -- See All My Reviews
I've been a fan of Rosa's since attending her concert at Carnegie Hall. Thus I played the CD expecting a joyful experience. What I heard was beyond Joyful. It was so Moving and Fullfilling that I've made it my go to for Escape and Relaxation CD. Report Abuse

 A Great Listen July 7, 2013
By Marietta S. -- See All My Reviews
She has amazing technique and she becomes one with the instrument bringing out the emotion and beauty of the music. A great listen!!! Report Abuse

 fantastic July 2, 2013
By Jonathan P. -- See All My Reviews
masterful, beautiful... and soulful Report Abuse

By Jon G. -- See All My Reviews
THIS recording is rich in mood, intensity, and masterful technique throughout.The Tangos by Piazzolla "Imperial" and "Adios Nonino" in particular,one hears a familiarity for both the composer and his, and Ms. Antonelli's Argentinean roots.She freely interpret all the other composers full of emotions ! .I enthusiastically recommend it.Bravo! Report Abuse

 Breath-taking phrasing and poetryin her music! June 28, 2013
By Robert v. -- See All My Reviews
This Cd is a confirmation that Ms. Antonelli has the Latin spirit in her blood!.I listen the Cd hundred times and i find new depths in each hearing . Vasa Da Dor, and Allegro de Concierto are second to none.The interpretation of Piazzolla is unique ,outsatnding same as she played at the unforgatable concert at CARNEGIE HALL. BRAVO!!! Report Abuse

 An true artist , who captures the imagination of  June 28, 2013
By Ewa Kolman -- See All My Reviews
Her own originality,personal emotion and expresiion of all the Composers in this Cd, gives and expansion and perfection of dramatic eaxpressiviness in music.Her spontaneos overflow of powerful feelings and imagination mademe understand and enjoy the pieces, even the ones are new for me . i listen it avery day!! Report Abuse

 An Interpretation from the Soul! Exceptionl power. June 27, 2013
By Maria Elena M. -- See All My Reviews
I follow Rosa Antonelliall all the way since she came to New York. She is a great artist. I dont miss a concert, including her soulful, heratful and exceptional concert at Carnegie Hall with three touching standing ovations. Impressive talent and power. Bravo! Report Abuse

 Great Artist, Absolulately touching! June 27, 2013
By Maryann C. -- See All My Reviews
Her interpretation of Spanish and Latin American composers is absolutely splendid. The Allegro de Concierto by Granados , is the best interpretation I have ever heard . She is passionately connected with her music and delight to listen to. Piazzolla , exceptional! Report Abuse

 Exelente!!! June 27, 2013
By silvia  minico -- See All My Reviews
Como coreografa puedo decir, que sin duda alguna; es una fuente de inspiracion. Report Abuse

 The Amazing Rosa June 26, 2013
By Marie  M. -- See All My Reviews
Rosa is amazingly talented. I have her CDs and she just gets better and better. Remembranza will transport you to a magical place! Report Abuse

 Unique , without comparison! June 26, 2013
By Alice D -- See All My Reviews
She is the best artist I've heard, and anyone like her to raise our souls! Certainly She deserves the Grammy!!! Report Abuse

 She's the best!! June 25, 2013
By Mariela Garcia -- See All My Reviews
As a dancer I am, playing Piazzola has been exciting and moving. It gives immense pleasure to hear the version that Rosa gives us and has been so deeply understand the composer. She is wonderful! Report Abuse

 Straight from the Soul. June 25, 2013
By Susan-Jane  Rome -- See All My Reviews
Rosa is a true artist and this recording captures the spirit of those rare, gifted individuals. The album takes you on a journey that reflects her inner beauty and passion. Report Abuse

 Just like her Carnegie Hall performance! June 25, 2013
By Juan Jose R. -- See All My Reviews
This CD brings me back to when I saw her live at Carnegie Hall. These tangos are marvelous! Rosa Antonelli on the piano....what a pleasure to hear! Report Abuse

 Magnificent and magic ! June 25, 2013
By Grace D Ambrosio -- See All My Reviews
Rosa lifts us with her sublime interpretation and magical talent always. Remembranza takes us through Argentina and Latin American music with deep feeling. She is the maximum and conveys the passion of Piazzola with the utmost respect! Magnificent! Report Abuse

 Maravillosa y talentosísima artista argentina!!! June 25, 2013
By Pacho O. -- See All My Reviews
Conmovedora y apasionada interprete , toca el alma de todo el publico!!! Remembranza es de maxima virtuosidad!!! Report Abuse

 Stellar Performance June 25, 2013
By errol  cohen -- See All My Reviews
I have been fortunate to have watched Rosa perform at Carnegie Hall. She plays beautifully. This album captures her magic and is a pleasure to listen too!! Report Abuse

 Beautifully Executed! June 25, 2013
By JEFFREY S. (NEW YORK, NY) -- See All My Reviews
I was overwhelmed by the beautifully executed works on this album. Rosa Antonelli is an Argentine gem! Report Abuse

 Soul  June 24, 2013
By David G -- See All My Reviews
When i heard this fabulous interpretation of Astor Piazzolla by Rosa Antonelli I was feelling that her soul was in every note she has played . Report Abuse

 Inspiring performance!! June 24, 2013
By Naomi S. (Rossmoyne, Western Australia) -- See All My Reviews
Rosa's playing of these pieces on Remembranza is incredibly touching and moving. I cannot help but be transformed by her delicate yet powerful strength which is communicated seemingly effortlessly through her interpretations which are unique and refreshing! Report Abuse

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