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 Heavenly! January 9, 2014
By Meg S. (Stamford, CT) -- See All My Reviews
This is a beautiful album. I heard one track on our classical music station over the holidays and, happily, found the entire work. It is in my regular rotation year round now. Report Abuse

 Beautiful, gentle music January 12, 2013
By Thomas R. Hinni (St Louis, MO) -- See All My Reviews
Advent at Ephesus is beautiful and gentle music to the ear. The voices are so very pure and touching. It has become a fine addition to my collect of Advent and Christmas music. I found the music to be very spiritual and a perfect way to prepare to celebrate the meaning and purpose of Christmas. Report Abuse

 Did You Ever Hear Angels Sing? January 9, 2013
By Judith E D. (Richmond, VA) -- See All My Reviews
The voices are magnificent, the acoustics superb. The music is very soothing and something I will listen to all year long, not just at Advent. Please have more CD's by these gifted Sisters. Report Abuse

 The find of 2012 January 2, 2013
By John T. (New Canaan, CT) -- See All My Reviews
Excellent. Meditative, as expected, but songs are a good mix of classical, sacred and familiar. I bought 12 new CD's this Christmas season and this was the top find of the year. Report Abuse

 outstanding January 2, 2013
By Deirdre D. (Edgartown, MA) -- See All My Reviews
Very relaxing. Beautiful voices and great selection of music. Report Abuse

 the beauty of holiness December 5, 2012
By Mark Dolahenty -- See All My Reviews
This is a simply marvellous issue. The good sisters sing with total clarity, exemplary diction and a sense of reverent musicality that would put most professional ensembles to shame. Imagine Anonymous 4 multi-tracking itself and you are close to the truly luminous sound achieved here. Highly recommended. Report Abuse

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