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 The Original July 2, 2014
By zelda a. -- See All My Reviews
This recording really sounds the way Cabaret should - much better than the overly larded and sentimental movie scoring, this is the tough and wonderfully orchestrated music that Kander and Ebb wrote. Outstanding are the MC, Judy Dench is the best Sally Bowles, who should of course be English since she's "the toast of Mayfair". The Nazi song, "Tomoorow Belongs to Me" is beautifullly done and chilling in the reprieve. Includes songs that were left out in the recent Bway production with Alan Cumming. Report Abuse

 HAPPY MEMORIES January 27, 2013
By Martin Duncan (London, London) -- See All My Reviews
In 1968, I was a student on the Technical Course at The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art in London and was assigned as a student Assistant Stage Manager to this production, from first day of rehearsals to First Night. The production was a transfer from Broadway and Hal Prince arrived after the first two weeks to preside over the production. I had to go out to Soho and buy the cigarette holder that Judi Dench would use in the show as Sally Bowles; I was even allowed to sit 'on the book' for some rehearsals. I am just thrilled that this recording has been reissued again - Judi Dench was heart-breakingly vulnerable & sassy as Sally Bowles - and the whole cast were a delight. It was a privilege to be a tiny part of it. Report Abuse

 Best Sally ever December 29, 2012
By Michael K. (Seattle, WA) -- See All My Reviews
This is worth getting just for Judi Dench's Sally. Sally was not a great singer, or she wouldn't have been in the Kit Kat Club to begin with. And Dench nails the role. (Liza should have listened to this for hints on how to play Sally). This version is grittier than the Broadway recording. Report Abuse

 Acting with a Catch December 25, 2012
By J. Ellis (Cincinnati, OH) -- See All My Reviews
This London CABARET recording is the equal of the Broadway for a few reasons. One, it has some material not recorded for OC LP (chiefly the party reprise of "Tomorrow"). Two, this Cliff is no male ingenue, but an adult making adult choices in an adult's voice. And three, it has the Sally that John Kander has said was the best ever, Judi Dench. Dench admitted with a laugh to a friend at the time she couldn't sing ("Isn't it exciting?") and the famous catch in her voice holds on her singing too here. But she acts it so well, even in the shortened venue of this recording, that she breaks your heart - her Sally is no ditz but a troubled woman making tragic choices for the wrong reasons. Sally of course is not supposed to be talented musically, part of her delusion, and Dench uses her technically limited skills to make that feed the character as well. Thanks to Arkiv for issuing the physical CD of it, which is better sound than an mp3 download. The supporting cast is excellent, though of course Lenya and Gilford of the NY cast are indelible. Dennen holds his own compared to Grey, in part due to extra bits of business recorded and the original "Jewish" line ending to "If You"; he's goofier but it works. If you are lucky enough to have had the original UK-only issue on CD, this is substantially better mastered. Report Abuse

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